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TSMC promotes the 2nm process, and it is reported that the first machine will enter the factory in April 2024.

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Thank netizens soft media Xinyou 1933769 for the clue delivery! December 16 news, according to Ji Bang Consulting report, TSMC is actively promoting the 2nm process node, the first machine is scheduled to enter the factory in April 2024.

Wang Yongzhuang, director of the Hsinchu Science Park, announced yesterday that the first phase of Bamboo Science and Technology Baoshan has been completed and TSMC's global R & D center will be opened this year.

The Baoshan Phase II project is currently under construction, and TSMC 2nm process Plant 1 and Plant 2 will be promoted at the same time. After completion, it will become the first 2nm process production base of TSMC. At present, the construction work is progressing smoothly, and the first machine is expected to enter the plant in April 2024. previously reported that both TSMC and Samsung plan to start mass production of 2nm process chips in 2025, and the early battle between the two sides has begun.

It is reported that TSMC has shown 2nm process prototype test results to Apple, Nvidia and other major customers, while Samsung has also launched the 2nm prototype, and will offer lower prices in order to attract well-known customers, including Nvidia.

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