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Global Game console report in November: PS5 sold 3.54 million units, Switch sold 1.66 million units, Xbox sold 1.03 million units

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Shulou( Report-- December 16, according to game media VGChartz estimates of global game console sales in November 2023, Sony PlayStation 5 sold 3545869 units, a total of about 48.93 million units sold., according to media reports, the summary information is as follows:

Nintendo's Switch game handset is expected to sell 1667465 units in November, bringing its cumulative sales to 132.91 million.

Microsoft Xbox Series S | X game console sold 1031210 units, with a total of 25.37 million units sold.

Sony's PlayStation 4 game console is expected to sell 17299 units in November, bringing its cumulative sales to 117.17 million.

Sony's PS5 sales progress exceeded that of the PS4 (3302010 units sold in October 2016) by 244000 units, while Xbox Series S | X decreased by 730000 units compared to the Xbox One (1760878 units sold).

Compared with the same period last year, sales of PlayStation 5 increased by 1130586, or 46.8%. Xbox Series X | S sales fell 189182, or 15.5%, while Nintendo Switch sales fell 1164741, or 41.1%.

Compared with October this year, PlayStation 5 sales increased by 2.31 million, Xbox Series X | S sales increased by more than 619000, and Nintendo Switch sales increased by nearly 799000.

So far in 2023, about 17.92 million PlayStation 5 have been sold, 12.55 million have been sold by Nintendo Switch and 5.64 million have been sold by Xbox Series X | S.

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