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Yu Minhong sent a letter of apology: all netizens who have been blocked by the East have been released.

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Thanks to netizens for washing and sleeping bar and delivering clues about the past in the west window. news on December 16, Yu Minhong posted a letter of apology on Douyin through the Oriental selection account, saying that due to the problem of online public opinion, the Oriental selection studio blocked and blocked some netizens who put forward opinions and suggestions in an inappropriate way, which is extremely inappropriate, which has all been lifted. attached original text:

Recently, due to the problem of network public opinion, the East selects the studio in an inappropriate way, blocking and blocking some netizens who put forward opinions and suggestions, which is extremely inappropriate. I have severely criticized this mistake and apologized to the majority of netizens for this matter!

All the netizens who have been blocked have been released. You are welcome to continue to put forward constructive comments and criticisms on the development of Oriental selection! I believe we will build the Oriental selection better! Thank you for your tolerance and support.

-- Dongfang selected Chairman, CEO Yu Minhong

At noon today, Oriental selection issued an apology and decided to suspend the live broadcast of the anchor for three months from now, and severely criticized the anchor.

On the evening of December 15, the Oriental selected anchor Tianquan made inappropriate remarks in the studio, causing criticism from the majority of netizens. The company decided that from now on, the anchorman will stop broadcasting for three months and severely criticize the anchorman.

Oriental selection will be carefully reviewed and the training of anchors will be strengthened. Please criticize and supervise, apologize to the vast number of netizens, and thank all sectors of the community for their attention.

It is understood that the anchorman Tianquan had previously imitated CEO Sun Dongxu to drop his mobile phone, claiming that people who brushed the temporary period could not afford to buy Egg-Yolk Puff.

This morning, the official account of Oriental selection issued a notice of personnel appointment and removal: according to the decision of the Board of Directors of Oriental selection, Chairman Yu Minhong also held the post of CEO of Oriental selection, and Sun Dongxu was removed from the post of Executive Director and CEO of Oriental selection, effective immediately.

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