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Shulou( Report--

On December 15, the 2023 Intel new product launch and AI technology innovation party was officially held, and the fifth generation Intel ®strong ®scalable processor was unveiled for the first time in China. Ning Chang, as one of Intel's important partners, was invited to participate in the exhibition, launching a newly upgraded G50 series of servers and exhibiting B5000 and R620 G50 products on the spot, working with Intel to enter a new era in which AI is everywhere.

The fifth generation Intel ®strong ®scalable processors are created for AI acceleration, with more reliable performance and better energy efficiency. Compared with the previous generation, the fifth-generation Intel ®strong ®scalable processor improves training performance by up to 29%, reasoning performance by 42%, average performance by 21%, memory bandwidth by 16%, and tertiary cache capacity by 2.7% under the same TDP, which can significantly improve the performance of memory bandwidth-constrained and delay-sensitive workloads.

Ningchang G50 series servers cover many types, such as general rack servers, artificial intelligence servers, edge computing servers and so on. The new G50 series makes important upgrades in memory channels, and based on the latest fifth-generation Intel ®strong ®scalable processor, it can further unleash the potential of AI and provide cost-effective powerful computing support for more demand scenarios.

Taking Ningchang high-density computing server B5000 G5 as an example, by using the fifth generation Intel ®strong ®extensible processor, it can perform multiple or multiple AI reasoning tasks and achieve high model concurrency. In the field of large language models, Ningchang B5000 G54 node can support 28 70B large models concurrently, a single node can support 72 7B large language models, and can generate text in only 0.117 seconds (article continuation and expansion). In the field of textual graphics, the B5000 G5 single node can generate high-quality images with high fidelity and detail based on arbitrary text input in less than 3 seconds. In the field of image recognition, the B5000 G5 single node can classify 5566 images per second, an improvement of nearly 10 per cent compared with the fourth generation.

Ning Chang will accelerate the pace of innovation, work with Intel and other partners to meet the needs of users for more efficient computing power, and create unlimited possibilities for AI applications.

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