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Take stock of unexpected sources of food in arcade games.

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No matter what clear version of the game, food is the soul of the game. No matter how many times you have been traumatized before, as long as you can eat a food at a critical time, you can be resurrected with blood. If a large amount of food can be played in the battle scene, players will have the strength in an instant, and no matter how many enemy soldiers appear, they will not be afraid. It is precisely because of the importance of food, so in a variety of clearance games will set different kinds of food, and try to be very attractive.

Generally speaking, food is divided into random appearance and fixed appearance, but there are only a few ways to get it: either from the box or from the enemy soldier. Before players face BOSS, there is usually a box that stores large blood-tonifying props, and of course, if it is played by multiple players, the number will be increased accordingly.

At that time, when we were playing the game with residual blood, we wanted to turn the land over. Every step we took was careful, and every box that appeared during this period was a lifesaver, and every enemy soldier who might drop food was our key target. However, not all food is obtained in these normal ways.

Fishing for fish in the pond I still remember that when I first played "Zero team", I found that there were too few places where food was fixed in this game. Basically, they all explode randomly from the box, of course, if you beat BOSS, it will definitely explode. The most inconspicuous food in the game is mushrooms, just like those in the background, which is difficult for novice players to find. The most interesting food in the game is live fish. There will be ponds in some scenes, and players can step on two fish as long as they walk on them. (there is only one fish per person). This thing has a very good effect on tonifying blood.

Grabbing the background character "Storm Boy" was a very popular game at that time. Although there are many great gods in the game hall, few people can save the hostess. The food supply in the game is supposed to be quite adequate. Can beat down the coconut on the tree to replenish the blood, can break the table to pick up pizza, can smash and rob small vendors. Why were there so few customs clearance people on our side at that time? Maybe each place has a different understanding of the game.

The roadside stall owner in the game is really unlucky, basically every time will be smashed by the players, all know that smashing his stall will expose food. Our protagonist acts like a hero to save the United States on the surface, but secretly bullies honest people in the slums, which is really hateful.

Mm-hmm. Lobster smells good!

In other scenes, our protagonist will meet a beautiful woman who delivers takeout. It doesn't matter who ordered takeout, anyway, as long as the player comes over, you can grab it and eat it. And the takeout girl is not only not afraid, but also cheers loudly. It seems that our protagonist may have ordered the pizza himself.

This is more interesting, if you can order your own takeout, the protagonist will be willing to take out all the money. Then ask the delivery girl to wait for me along the way, so that there will be endless food.

There are also many "sensible" enemy soldiers in the "violent Interpol". They often hold a box, and when the player attacks him, the box in their hands will randomly turn into all kinds of food. Sometimes it is animal, such as mouse, rooster, chicken, fish, and sometimes it is a large food like bread. After all, it is an eschatological game in which the protagonist often catches mice and eats on the side of the road, and it can increase a lot of blood.

After eating the signboard, the function of the signboard and the box in the arcade version of "Quick whirlwind" is the same, and all kinds of large-scale food will be exposed after smashing. But in the red and white machine's "SD Quick whirlwind", the signboard has directly become a blood-tonifying prop.

We will find a sign with knives, forks and meat in the back checkpoint. I guess we didn't notice it at first! At that time, qualified players also learned from the "video game software" that the meat on this sign could be eaten. Of course, many players found this funny setting by themselves, just because the blocking of information did not spread on a large scale.

So the question is, is this about drawing cakes to satisfy hunger? Or looking for plums to quench thirst?

The most outrageous food did not know what kind of mentality the "Quick whirlwind" development team had at that time, and the game was full of bad taste: the only girl developed was a shemale, and the heroine of the game was exposed as soon as she appeared, while the chewing gum spit out by the fake police officer EDI.E was actually blood-tonifying props.

This EDI.E is also notorious in the police station because it is backed by a gear group to dominate the Metro City. Cody had been severely repaired, and then he was not reconciled to join hands with poison to frame Cody, and led to the conviction, completely changed Cody's life. The main reason poison is willing to cooperate is because she fell in love with Cody, and he wants Cody to be as depraved as she is, so that they are a match.

EDI.E is not very difficult, but for players who are not used to it, this gum is a must. What is unacceptable is that it has a very good effect of tonifying blood and can directly replenish nearly half of the blood. The effect of tonifying blood with decent food is better than that of normal food. Who can reason with this?

It can be understood that all the players who played at this level picked up the chewing gum on the ground.

If you spit out a bigger one, can you directly fill the residual blood?

Although BBQ's "Dinosaur Quick fight" plot is mainly about protecting dinosaurs, Jack and Hannah don't eat less dinosaur meat outdoors to conserve their strength, let alone other enemy soldiers. Poachers drink with dinosaur meat outdoors.

At the fifth level of Dinosaur Quick fight, Jack received information that the village was being attacked by a group of strangers. When the protagonist and his party arrived at the village, they found a large number of poachers having a barbecue. Angry protagonists directly killed this group of undead poachers, and then ate their roasted dinosaur meat in tears, even the dinosaur eggs.

To know the importance of these big meat in the game, each one is equivalent to a life! But when it appears at the beginning of the game, it can only be used as a bonus prop, which is really a pity.

Of course, some players choose to take the food away and eat it later.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: arcade feelings (ID:JJQH66), author: arcade era

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