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Spotify is testing AI's ability to generate playlists.

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Shulou( Report--, December 17, TikTok user @ robdad_ found that Spotify is testing an AI-based playlist generation feature that can create the playlist that users want according to text prompts.

Spotify has confirmed to TechCrunch that they are testing the feature, but it is not clear when the company plans to launch it publicly.

As shown in the figure, Spotify describes this feature as "turning your ideas into playlists with AI" (currently available in English only).

At the top of the custom text input box, we can also see some official tips from Spotify, such as "explore niche genres like Witch House" or "recharge yourself with interesting, light-paced songs".

@ robdad_ chose to "explore niche genres like Witch House", while the robot took about three seconds to give out a playlist of 30 niche songs and replied, "this is the Witch House playlist found for you. Swipe left to delete songs you don't want and continue to improve your playlist."

As to when the feature will be officially launched, Spotify responded to TechCrunch, "We will conduct a number of tests on a regular basis, some of which will pave the way for eventual large-scale promotion, while others will only serve as an important learning exploration. We have no further information to share at this time."

Pexels currently, Spotify Premium Hong Kong subscription is HK $68 ( Note: about RMB 62) per month. Of course, you can also choose a family subscription of HK $108 or a student subscription of HK $38 per month.

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