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Xiaomi radium carving machine is on the shelf: it can be used without consumables, and the hand price is 1399 yuan.

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! December 18 news, Mijia radium carving machine recently put on the shelves of millet, will be 10:00 on December 20th-December 27th 10:00 crowdfunding, to the hand price of 1399 yuan.

According to reports, Mijia radium carving machine supports gift customization, product logo, household DIY, batch sculpture, creator teaching, artistic creation and other application scenes, using Sharp 450nm blue laser light source ( note: 3W power), can meet the Kraft paper, leather, canvas, solid wood, black plastic board (ABS / PC) and other different material carving needs.

Mijia radium engraving machine adopts double optical lens and double focus design. By compressing the laser spot technology to focus laser energy, the vertical spot is only 0.25mm, which is said to "achieve high-precision engraving effect"; the integrated fuselage is equipped with TOF ranging function to achieve support-assisted lifting and adapting to objects of different heights; using integrated design and 4800mm/s high-speed galvanometer technology, fast carving can be realized.

In addition, this product is relatively friendly for beginners. According to the laboratory test data, the system has five common materials corresponding to the recommended parameters. The product does not need ink consumables, after being connected to the power supply, you can start to create by entering the App adding equipment, and you can add text, hand-painted, stickers and so on.

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