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Zhi Shenxing 1 recoverable rocket will fly for the first time next year, and Xinghe Power Aerospace will complete 1.1 billion yuan financing for C and C + rounds.

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Shulou( Report--, December 18, Beijing Xinghe Power Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinghe Power Aerospace) announced today that Xinghe Power Aerospace will complete a total of 1.1 billion yuan C and C + round financing in September 2023. This round of financing is led by Ziyang heavy production Fund, followed by Langfang Airport Fund, founder Hesheng, Bengbu Zhongcheng Venture Capital and other institutions.

This round of financing will be used for the research and development of Zhisheng-1 reusable liquid carrier rocket technology, and the construction of related production, test and launch facilities. To meet the needs of large-scale and rapid networking of low-orbit constellations, Xinghe Power Aerospace will continue to strengthen its research and development efforts to build a low-cost, highly reliable medium-and large-scale reusable carrier rocket. The rocket product system composed of fast-response, high-density launch Ceres-1 series light carrier rockets covers all aspects of market demand.

Xinghe Power Aerospace is a domestic commercial carrier rocket enterprise, which has created the first domestic private rocket to achieve mass production and high-density launch, the first to be launched at sea, the first to have a nine-game winning streak, and the first to send commercial networking satellites into 500km Sun synchronous orbit, 800km tilt orbit, 500km Twilight orbit and other industry milestones.

The Ceres-1 rocket is mainly aimed at the market demand of small constellation networking and supplementary network, and micro-satellite launching. up to now, the rocket has served 16 commercial satellite customers and successfully launched 35 commercial satellites of different types.

According to ▲ source "Xinghe Power Aerospace" official inquiry, Zhisheng-1 is a medium and large reused liquid oxygen / kerosene carrier rocket, which is mainly oriented to the market demand of large constellation networking and large satellite launch, and the basic rocket carrying capacity can reach 14t.

▲ "Zhishenxing I" introduction chart, Tuyuan Xinghe Power Aerospace official website Xinghe Power Aerospace said that at present, the company in the liquid rocket vertical recovery guidance and control technology verification has made a major breakthrough, and completed a number of CQ-50 liquid oxygen / kerosene engine test, Zhi Shenxing I liquid carrier rocket also completed a number of large-scale ground tests, plans to officially fly into orbit in 2024.

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