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Hideo Kojima talked about the road to independence: it was opposed by colleagues, colleagues and relatives.

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Shulou( Report--, December 18 (Xinhua) legendary Japanese game producer Hideo Oshima recently posted a review of his mental journey over the past eight years since he left Kolamei. he admitted that when he chose to leave Colome and embark on the road to independence, he had to face doubts in the industry and even friends and relatives dissuaded him from "it won't work."

Photo: A24 / Hideo Kojima Hideo Kojima wrote in a long post on Twitter: "I choose to be independent and advocate lifelong creation because for me, 'creation' is no longer a job, but life itself." He says retirement means nothing to him because creation is life.

Hideo Kojima pointed out that there are few cases of successful independence from large studios in the gaming industry, whether in Japan or overseas. "eight years ago, when I decided to set up my own company, almost everyone opposed it, including colleagues, colleagues and even relatives. They agreed that it would be impossible for him to succeed without the financial and organizational support of a big company."

But he firmly believes that this stereotype of thinking needs to be broken. "someone has to prove that this idea is out of date. Young creators deserve freedom of choice, which is one of the important reasons why I continue to 'create'." noted that Hideo Kojima also revealed his plans for a partnership with American studio A24, which will work with Kojima Productions to make a live-action "death stranded" movie a reality. Praising A24 for its surreal style and strict requirements for films, he said, "A24 is a film company that was born only a decade ago, but they are unique and unparalleled in the industry." the films they produce are of high quality and innovative spirit. "

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