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Huawei Porsche, iPhone 12, 8848 can be used to offset the purchase of VERTU! Up to 77000!

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Shulou( Report--

According to data, an estimated 5.3 billion mobile phones worldwide were eliminated in 2022, only about 10 per cent of them entered the formal second-hand idle goods market to participate in recycling, and more than half of the phones were left idle at home. If these discarded mobile phones are discarded at will, a piece of old mobile phone battery can pollute 60,000 liters of water. In addition, lead and mercury in the mobile phone will seriously pollute the soil and water source. In order to further promote the global environmental protection process, luxury mobile phone brand VERTU shoulders corporate social responsibility and puts forward a more positive goal of resource transformation-- the environmental protection plan for the new season.

Implement the concept of ESG, VERTU sounded the horn of environmental protection

Recently, the 28th Conference of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change concluded, which pointed out the direction for the next step in the global response to climate change. VERTU launched the Zhenhenghuan new season environmental protection plan on December 8, which aims to call on new and old users to actively participate to achieve a win-win situation of resource recycling and environmental protection.

As a leader in the global luxury mobile phone industry, VERTU is well aware of the importance of actively participating in the recycling and reuse of mobile phones under the background of widespread concern caused by global climate change. This is not only a manifestation of environmental responsibility, but also a key part of VERTU's commitment to sustainable development strategy. By promoting the recycling of old mobile phones, VERTU aims to reduce the environmental impact of e-waste, while also encouraging consumers to participate in this environmental initiative.

VERTU implements strict data cleansing of recycled old mobile phones to ensure that users' privacy is protected. Through advanced intelligent systems, mobile phones are carefully classified by brand and model for professional recycling. The reusable parts will be refurbished and reused in the manufacture of VERTU mobile phones, effectively reducing the waste of resources. At the same time, the recycled precious metals will be recycled after refining to ease the pressure on rare metal resources due to the high demand for smartphone production. For parts that cannot be used again, VERTU complies with environmental standards and carries out appropriate disposal, demonstrating its strong commitment to supporting the sustainable development of the planet.

The maximum deduction is 77000 iPhone. Huawei can participate.

In order to enhance the intensity of this environmental recycling program, VERTU exchanging old phones for new ones is not limited to VERTU brand phones, as long as they meet the specified brands and models, such as Apple iPhone 12 or above, Huawei Porsche, 8848 brand models, regardless of whether they can be turned on normally or not. VERTU will be uniformly recycled and reused and disposed of. The specific deduction amount will depend on the brand model of the old mobile phone and the VERTU mobile phone model purchased. The maximum deductible purchase amount can be up to 77940 yuan!

It is understood that the event lasts from December 8, 2023 to March 31, 2024, with a time span of 115 days. Users can choose to go to any VERTU flagship store around the world or mail it to the official designated place of VERTU to participate in the renovation activities.

VERTU has always been enthusiastic about environmental protection and public welfare, and is committed to contributing to society and the environment in various ways. On June 30, 2019, VERTU was invited to participate in the public welfare night around the sea in Sanya, where not only donated customized and limited edition products with a number of international brands, but also gathered with hundreds of guests to join hands in promoting garbage classification and management, promoting the environmental concept of protecting marine life, improving the marine ecological environment and cleaning up marine garbage.

At a time when green environmental protection is becoming more and more important, VERTU used to provide users with an excellent mobile phone experience with its consistent high-quality and luxurious design, but this trade-in activity integrates a deeper level of social responsibility while developing the brand, providing new and old users with a more convenient and cost-effective iterative way to update their mobile phones, while once again showing the public their concern for sustainable development and practice for the cause of environmental protection.

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