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Strong smell of gunpowder: Mercedes-Benz dealers in the United States were exposed to release news prints of Tesla's recall.

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Shulou( Report--, December 18, a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Texas was recently exposed to provide customers with a printout of a news report on Tesla's Autopilot driving assistance system recall, causing a heated discussion on the Internet. The news report, from CNN, details the recall of Tesla's Autopilot system by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

It is worth mentioning that Tesla has solved the relevant problems by updating the OTA software immediately after the recall message was released. However, the Mercedes-Benz dealer in Houston, Texas, still distributed news reports about the recall to customers. noted that the move raised questions from the outside world, and some analysts believe that the Mercedes-Benz dealer's move may be due to competitive pressure on Tesla, especially since Tesla has already fixed the problem through updates. It is not clear whether the dealer distributed the printout to all its customers, or whether it was just aimed at the Tesla owner.

At the same time, the Tesla community also complained about NHTSA's use of the word "recall", saying that it was not accurate, especially when the problem could be solved immediately through software updates without going into the factory for maintenance. Although the recall involves more than 2 million Tesla cars, the company solved what NHTSA said was a lack of driver attention monitoring in NHTSA's Autopilot system with free OTA updates last Wednesday.

Mercedes-Benz dealers' practice of releasing negative news after Tesla solved the problem has also raised public questions about its business ethics. Christopher O'Banien, a salesman at the Mercedes-Benz dealership involved, has not commented on the matter.

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