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It is exposed that Glory Porsche designed the first product with a limited edition of 911, with the internal code "Glory 911".

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Thanks to netizen grass Luo Yuzi for the clue delivery! news on December 18, December 14, Glory and Porsche Design officially announced cooperation, attracting the attention of the whole network. Today, digital blogger @ Wang Zai know-it-all revealed that Glory Porsche designed the first product with a limited edition of 911, and the internal code name of Glory is "Glory 911".

For Porsche, the number "911" has strong historical significance and cultural value. As Porsche's most classic model, the Porsche 911 series was designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (Porsche Design is also the brand he created in 1972). Since its birth in 1963, Porsche 911 has experienced eight generations of models, and it is also the most legendary model in the whole Porsche and even in the whole world of Germany.

Glory Porsche designs the first product code "Glory 911" to express its honor to the Porsche 911 model and to demonstrate its confidence in the joint product.

According to the relevant information revealed so far, the first joint model may be the upcoming Glory Magic6 Porsche version. Earlier, digital blogger @ fixed focus Digital had previously shared a designer's manuscript, which was speculated to be a Porsche design version of the Magic6 series. As can be seen from the manuscript, the back of the Glory new plane is integrated into the lines of the Porsche sports car, and the Honor and the Porsche design LOGO are arranged vertically. In addition, the camera module of the new machine uses the design of the outer circle and the rectangle of the inner ring, combined with Porsche design lines, making the new machine highly recognizable.

Some of Porsche's classic streamline inspiration and color matching designs will be reflected in the new products, and there may be other design highlights that are more compatible, the blogger said. This cooperation may also be an important opportunity to promote the high-end product line and bring new opportunities for the growth of the global market.

After the joint product of Porsche design has been put on the market, its high-end and scarce properties have gained popularity in the market. for example, the limited sale of 911 sets of the first product of Glory Porsche Design will lead to a new round of rush buying craze, which requires netizens to "set the alarm clock". Prepare the product for sale as soon as possible.

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