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IFlyCode Intelligent programming Assistant wins the "Ten potential" Application case of AIIA artificial Intelligence

2024-04-23 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

On December 7, 2023, at the 10th plenary meeting of the China artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance (AIIA), the award of "Ten potential Application cases of artificial Intelligence in 2023" was announced. The application case independently declared by iFLYTEK-- "Application practice of the whole process of Software Development based on iFlyCode" has been screened layer by layer and has been recognized and highly affirmed by the authorities of the artificial intelligence industry. It was successfully selected into the "Top Ten potential Application cases of artificial Intelligence in 2023".

AIIA (China artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance) is jointly initiated and established by the China Academy of Information and Communications, and under the guidance of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Internet Information Office. This meeting is sponsored by Chongqing Liangjiang New area Management Committee, Chongqing Municipal Committee of Network Security and Informatization Committee Office, Chongqing Economic and Information Committee, China artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance, Liangjiang New District Mingyue Lake Construction leading Group headquarters, Chongqing Information and Communication Research Institute, Chongqing artificial Intelligence Industry Development Alliance. This case solicitation activity, which includes thousands of industries, aims to select the application of artificial intelligence technology with "high value, benchmarking and true landing", and to promote advanced experience, so as to promote the large-scale application and development of artificial intelligence in thousands of industries.

IFLYTEK, as a well-known listed intelligent voice and artificial intelligence company in the Asia-Pacific region, since its establishment in 1999, has been focused on "building a better world with artificial intelligence" and actively promoting the landing of artificial intelligence products and applications. Committed to making machines "can listen and speak, understand and think". In recent years, iFLYTEK has repeatedly won the crown in international artificial intelligence-related competitions, setting new industry records. IFlyCode intelligent programming assistant was successfully selected for the first time, which provides a strong confirmation of the company's outstanding performance in the field of artificial intelligence. At the same time, it also fully shows its strong application value and great potential in software engineering.

Innovate the way of programming, improve the development efficiency of the whole process by 30%

In the selected case demonstration, iFlyCode shows its application in the complete software development process, including design, coding, testing and other links, has achieved significant efficiency, and the overall R & D cycle time has been significantly shortened. Especially in the coding phase, iFlyCode automatically generates a large amount of code, developers only need to make some adjustments to complete the development. According to the data of several projects and rounds of experiments within iFLYTEK by iFlyCode, iFlyCode achieves 50% efficiency in the design phase, 37% in the coding phase, and 44% in the unit test phase, which truly achieves the whole process of enabling software development.

In the design stage, iFlyCode can help developers to carry out requirements analysis, technical design and research; in the coding stage, iFlyCode can help developers quickly understand code logic, quickly output program codes of controllable quality, assist in locating and repairing code problems, solve technical problems, and improve code efficiency; and in the self-test phase, support rapid code checking and generating unit tests to ensure code quality.

As an auxiliary AI programming tool, since the release of version 1.0 on August 15, iFlyCode has always been synchronized with the latest version of Spark Model in terms of AI capabilities, and deeply integrated into the functions of code error correction, code checking, SQL generation and optimization according to the actual needs of developers, aiming at "lowering the professional threshold of software development and solving the capacity bottleneck of software production". Provide a more efficient and easier intelligent programming experience for the majority of users. According to reliable statistics, iFlyCode can help beginners of programming shorten their learning time by 60%, and help developers optimize their code and improve efficiency by 5 times.

IFlyCode intelligent programming assistant is equipped with iFLYTEK Spark model, and further strengthens the code ability, providing code generation, completion, error correction, interpretation, debugging, testing and many other functions, supporting mainstream programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, covering a wide range of data sets and comprehensive language support. In the test of code generation task, the accuracy index of iFlyCode in many languages shows its advantages, and its programming ability is ahead of the domestic industry.

At present, iFlyCode has shown a good application effect in the software research and development projects within the group. Take the cross-platform transformation of the "Smart classroom" product of iFLYTEK's Education Division as an example. Under the condition that none of the team members had come into contact with the new hardware and operating system platform before, compared with the expected three months of manual transformation, a team of six people completed the migration of 200,000 lines of code in one month with the assistance of iFlyCode, speeding up the delivery process.

In the initial stage of the project migration, the team can use the iFlyCode question and answer function to help quickly investigate cross-platform technical solutions. By constantly trying to propose an appropriate Prompt, we can directly obtain high-quality answers and framework code, thus quickly start the migration of Windows to Linux. In the coding stage, the migration process contains nearly 200,000 lines of C++ code. The code generation and error correction functions of iFlyCode help the team complete the code migration quickly, reduce a lot of repetitive conversion work, and automatically modify some compilation errors, which simplifies the debugging process. With regard to the technical problems in the migration, the intelligent question and answer function of iFlyCode greatly improves the ability of the project team to deal with complex problems. In the testing phase, iFlyCode automatically generates unit test code and test cases, which reduces the workload of writing test code.

In addition to being technologically advanced, iFlyCode has also achieved a "lead" at the application level. At present, iFlyCode has served more than one hundred enterprise customers and has been applied in many cooperative enterprises such as Bank of Communications and SoftTone Power, and has been highly recognized by users. At present, iFlyCode provides three service modes: personal version, enterprise version and privatized version, taking into account the convenience and security compliance needs of users. On the basis of intelligent programming assistant, iFlyCode further expands the application scenario through quality management platform and model customization tools, covering the whole R & D process.

Help "future developers" to create diversified application scenarios

IFlyCode is embedded in the developer's programming environment, such as VSCode, IDEA and other mainstream development IDE, which is highly integrated with the developer's editor interface. When developers write code, they can directly inline the ability to trigger iFlyCode intelligent prompts, code generation, correction suggestions and other capabilities in the IDE editor, which greatly improves the development efficiency. Developers can instantly get intelligent support in an interface, switch ideas without interruption, and help developers achieve "immersive" programming.

The advantage of iFlyCode lies not only in the effect of use, but also in its ability to apply scenarios. For developers, iFlyCode can help them save the tedious and time-consuming coding process while standardizing the code, improve the efficiency of team cooperation, and greatly save development time. IFlyCode enables developers to focus on the implementation of business logic and improve the overall quality of software research and development.

In addition, in the field of education, iFlyCode can also "show its strength". For beginners, by asking iFlyCode questions in natural language, they can obtain professional programming guidance, realize a personalized and flexible learning process, and improve self-confidence and code writing efficiency. For teachers, the intelligent question and answer and code correction function of iFlyCode can help them prepare lessons and correct homework efficiently. In addition, in the process of teaching and classroom practice, the code generation function of iFlyCode can also improve classroom quality and arouse students' interest in learning.

At the main forum of iFLYTEK Global 1024 developers' Day Code this year, Wu Xiaoru, president of iFLYTEK, mentioned that software is the soul of the new generation of information technology and the foundation for the development of the digital economy. it is the key support for the construction of manufacturing power, network power and digital China. The use of "software definition" to empower real economic reform is an important engine of industrial development. The AI reform of software programming brings not only a great-leap-forward improvement of software research and development efficiency, but also a performance evolution of the whole industry.

The iFlyCode won the "Ten potential Application cases", which is not only the recognition of the application value of intelligent programming assistant, but also the affirmation of the development of artificial intelligence empowering software used by HKUST. In the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the digital wave of industrial change, iFLYTEK will continue to lead the innovation of software development methods, empower enterprises to digitize transformation, and actively participate in cooperation to jointly promote the development of industry standardization.

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