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Open Kirin openKylin introduces the 2.0 operating system, using the new UKUI 4.10 desktop environment design

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Shulou( Report--, December 18, according to news from Kirin "openKylin" official account, openKylin recently announced version 2.0 of the operating system and said that the system's built-in UKUI desktop environment will be updated for version 4.10, bringing a new "design upgrade".

▲ source "openKylin" official account and openKylin said that the UKUI desktop environment has been improved in the "start menu, sidebar, file management, taskbar, multi-task view, login & lock screen" and other interfaces. collates the relevant design points as follows:

According to the official start menu, the UKUI 4.10 start menu optimizes the "new app disappearance mechanism", defaults to "apply alphabetical sorting", retains the "sort by function" option, and supports "fixing some commonly used applications or frequently opened files to an area".

Sidebar UKUI 4.10 sidebar visually distinguishes each functional module, and supports quick operation and clipboard display in a separate window.

Document management UKUI 4.10 document manager layout adjustment to the left and right structure, and adjust the location of the address bar and tabs, a clear relationship between the two, so that visual communication is clearer, at the same time, the important functions of pure icons and technical explanatory language into easy to understand copy.

Taskbar UKUI 4.10 taskbar adds key features and fixed applications, and supports partition display of fixed and unfixed applications.

The multi-task view UKUI 4.10 adopts "upper and lower layout" to increase the area of the user's main operating area and "horizontal and vertical center" display window, which claims to be able to "weaken interference, balance vision, and avoid top-heavy interface".

Login-lock screen UKUI 4.10 new version unifies the "lock screen interface and taskbar" tray pop-up window "position, width, interaction mode", claiming to be able to maintain window style consistency.

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