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Tencent Cloud launches high-performance application service HAI: claims to develop proprietary AI applications in 10 minutes

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news,"Tencent Cloud (Cloud)" official public account just announced, Tencent Cloud launched high-performance application service "HAI"(Hyper Application Inventor), through this service can realize GPU computing power out-of-the-box, one-click deployment, known as "10 minutes to develop your exclusive AI application."

According to the official introduction, through "HAI," GPU computing power with higher cost performance can be automatically configured, and "one-button deployment" dependent environment can be supported, which can be completed by selecting model, region, computing power type and hard disk size.

In addition,"HAI" is pre-installed with a variety of popular models such as Stable Diffusion, ChatGLM, etc., which can build users 'own large language models, AI painting and other application environments within minutes. If pre-installed models are not enough, users can also deploy their own open-source models based on HAI.

"HAI" provides a visual interactive interface, supports JupyterLab, WebUI and other computing connection methods, and claims to be a graphical interface of "hands-on development." At the same time,"HAI" supports academic acceleration. Through automatic route selection, it can greatly improve the access and download speed of mainstream academic resource platform.

According to previously reported, during the Industry Big Model and Intelligent Application Technology Summit held in June this year, Tang Daosheng, senior executive vice president of Tencent Group and CEO of Cloud and Smart Industry Business Group, announced that Tencent Cloud (Cloud) MaaS will create a one-stop industry big model selection store.

Tencent Cloud once said that based on Tencent HCC high-performance computing cluster and large model capability, it "can provide more than 50 large model industry solutions for 10 major industries such as culture and tourism, government affairs, finance, media and education." In the model store, users can quickly generate their own exclusive models by adding their own scene data.

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