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Gurman: next year, Apple is expected to launch an Apple Watch Series 10 watch that monitors "sleep apnea" and "blood sugar readings"

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Shulou( Report--, December 18 (Xinhua)-- Mark Gurman said in the latest Power On newsletter that Apple will launch a newly designed Apple Watch Series 10 watch in 2024, which may also be named Apple Watch X and is expected to feature "sleep apnea monitoring" and "blood sugar monitoring" functions.

According to recent news from, the Apple Watch X watch is expected to have a Micro-LED screen, 1.89in and 2.04in styles, and the watch connector will also be changed to be different from the strap of the previous series.

In this newsletter, Gurman focuses on the two health monitoring functions of Apple Watch X watch: "sleep apnea monitoring" and "insulin monitoring":

Sleep apnea monitoring, in which Apple uses multiple sensors built into the watch to monitor whether the body shows signs of "apnea" during sleep, a disease that can cause people to die of asphyxiation during sleep.

"Blood sugar monitoring" means that Apple uses the short-wave infrared sensor built into the watch to enable the watch to measure the amount of sugar in the wearer's blood.

However, Gurman's comments are contrary to the "Market Forecast" released by Guo Mingyi in October, who believes that the Apple Watch X will not have the function of monitoring blood sugar.

According to previous reports from, TrendForce believes Apple plans to switch to Micro-LED screens for its Apple Watch Ultra watches in 2026.

▲ review: Apple Apple Watch Ultra 2 related reading: "non-Micro LED, no blood glucose monitoring, Guo Mingyi said that there will be no significant innovative changes in Apple Apple Watch next year."

"TrendForce: Apple plans to switch to the Apple Watch Ultra 5 Micro-LED screen in 2026, increasing the size by 10%"

Gurman: Apple will launch the Apple Watch X Watch in 2024.

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