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Ultra-large battery break through long-term energy storage: Haichen energy storage world's first kiloampere-hour battery MIC 1130Ah released

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On December 12, Haichen Energy Storage released the world's first kAh long-term energy storage battery MIC1130Ah on the first Haichen Energy Storage Ecological Day with the theme of "Three-body·New World." This is a kiloampere hour super-large capacity battery specially built for the long-term energy storage market in view of the larger-scale development trend of electric energy storage. MIC 1130Ah has a volumetric energy density of 400Wh / L, an increase of more than 15%, which can help reduce the cost of the storage DC side system by 25%(compared to 280Ah products). At the same time, it meets the requirements of ultra-large capacity, ultra-long life, ultra-high safety and ultra-low cost required by long-term energy storage.

Energy storage development, but difficult to break?

With the development of large-scale renewable energy generation in various countries, it will bring about a larger market demand for energy storage; and in order to improve the utilization rate of renewable energy, it will drive the rapid development of long-term energy storage for 4-8 hours. At the same time, the scale of single energy storage power stations is gradually moving towards GWh and even TWh levels, further making the market demand for long-term energy storage batteries more urgent. However, although there are already 300Ah + high-capacity batteries, these attempts do not really seek breakthroughs from the bottom innovation, and still cannot meet the market demand for larger capacity, higher efficiency, longer life and lower cost.

Recently, the price of energy storage market has been rolled in, which makes the market present the trend of "red sea competition" and the industrial development ushered in phased market adjustment. From the perspective of long-term sustainable and healthy development of energy storage, it is still necessary for energy storage enterprises to deepen the research and development of energy storage technology and demand insight, continuously explore new energy storage depth market segments, and establish vertical and horizontal multi-dimensional development paths for energy storage application scenarios.

Super large battery: The new 75580 size battery simplifies integration complexity and increases system integration efficiency to 35%.

Taking the mainstream 280Ah battery as an example, the integrated efficiency of the existing DC side energy storage system is only 25%. A lot of system space and cost is wasted on non-energy storage components. Haichen Energy Storage did not choose "minor repair," but started from customer application scenarios and developed positively. Based on the 20-foot container energy storage system, the number of battery series and parallel connection and the number of modules are reduced. Haichen Energy Storage scientifically explores the size design boundary of large-capacity battery. After balancing many factors such as overcurrent, heat generation, capacity and manufacturing process, the optimal solution of long-term energy storage battery at present is found-MIC1130Ah. The size definition of 75580 can greatly reduce the number of cells in the 20-foot container energy storage system, reduce the number of modules to one third of the original, and increase the system integration efficiency to 35%.

New design: MIC 1130Ah reduces the overall cost of DC side energy storage system by 25% and has a life span of up to 25 years

The significant increase in kilo-ampere-hour battery capacity reduces the cost of battery mechanical parts in the energy storage system by 58%, and the cost of battery unit Wh by 15%; the number of system modules is greatly reduced, so that the high/low voltage and thermal management connectors in the system, module BMU, MSD and other parts are doubled, and the cost of non-cell parts of the system using MIC 1130Ah battery is reduced by 40%; the high-capacity battery also improves the system manufacturing efficiency and reduces manufacturing equipment investment. Overall, the DC side system comprehensive cost reduction can reach 25%.

Through the support of full-ear lamination technology, SEI film active targeted rapid repair technology and high conductivity carbon coating technology, Haichen energy storage MIC 1130Ah battery has been greatly improved in cycle performance, which can still exceed 60% after 15000 cycles; under the condition of one charge and one discharge every day, the service life of the energy storage system can be as long as 25 years.

Greater breakthrough: overcoming the two challenges of heat generation and safety of large-capacity batteries

The large current under ultra-large capacity is the "innate" characteristic of MIC1130Ah. It is necessary to solve the heat generation problem caused by this, so as to make the "cost reduction and efficiency increase" of ultra-large battery play at ease. In addition, the super-large battery itself contains a lot of energy, if in the case of thermal runaway how to achieve accurate and rapid exhaust?

To solve the heat generation problem, Haichen energy storage is designed from many aspects of chemical system, structure and technology. New low viscosity high conductivity electrolyte, reduce liquid impedance; multi-doped lithium iron phosphate cathode and low surface defect graphite anode, reduce thermal effect, improve thermal stability and structural stability. Die-free full-tab and minimalist sandwich caps expand access and shorten the flow path; and pioneered the use of advanced multilayer coating technology to create fast ion exit and accelerate ion migration. The superposition of many innovative technologies reduces the impedance of electrons and ions at the same time, the DC internal resistance (DCR) of the battery is reduced by 67%, and the temperature rise of the battery during operation is less than 5℃.

Inside the battery, the innovative design of 3x3 three-dimensional gas channel and directional valve opening structure, fast, accurate, directional exhaust of the gas generated when the battery thermal runaway. When MIC 1130Ah energy is four times that of 280Ah, the internal temperature of thermal runaway of the battery is controlled within 700℃, which is equivalent to 280Ah battery.

Focus on energy storage and join hands in the sea of stars

According to Wood Mackenzie, a consultancy, long-term energy storage projects in operation and under construction worldwide are worth more than $30 billion. If all the projects invested in the past three years are completed and put into operation, the total installed capacity of long-term energy storage is expected to increase by 57 million kilowatts, which is equivalent to about three times the total installed capacity of long-term energy storage in the world in 2022. With the release of Haichen Energy Storage's world's first kAh long-term energy storage battery, future energy storage system innovation using MIC 1130Ah will bring more imagination to the industry.

At this eco-day event, Haichen Energy Storage "The World's First 6MWh Energy Storage System with Integrated MIC Battery" was released at the same time. The energy storage system, thanks to the battery's 1130Ah super-capacity, will bring about a comprehensive leap in the energy storage system. The system has ultra-large energy, ultra-high area energy density, ultra-low cost, ultra-low LCOS and higher system security, providing system support for the development of long-term energy storage large-scale applications.

Haichen Energy Storage sincerely invites partners in the energy storage industry to work together to promote the continuous upgrading of energy storage technology and achieve win-win development of the industry. Let us work together to create a more efficient, safe and sustainable energy storage future.

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