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Marc Tardif, director of the joint studio of B Society, announced his resignation and was in charge of game management such as "Star" and "radiation 76".

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, B Society Studio Co-Director Marc Tardif recently posted a post on LinkedIn, announcing his departure from the company. During his work in Society B, he was responsible for the management of games such as Starry Sky, radiation 76 and Ancient Scrolls: blades.

▲ Tuyuan LinkedIn learned that Marc Tardif posted in LinkedIn that he and other partners founded Escalation Studios in 2007 and that the studio was later acquired by Zenimax, the parent company of Society B, so Marc Tardif chose to join Society B.

Marc Tardif, who worked with Todd Howard and others at B Club, declared that "I am honored to be part of this excellent team, but now new adventures are waiting for me", hinting that he will change jobs to join the new company.

As previously reported by, Society B is currently "sharpening" the follow-up game experience of "Star" and producing "Ancient Scroll 6", but the latter is still in the "early production stage".

▲ B is currently "polishing"Starry Sky" and plans to launch detailed city maps, Mod support, FSR3, XeSS related reading next year:

"announce the launch of detailed city map, Mod support, FSR3, XeSS next year"

"the game officer has announced it for 5 years, and the senior executive of Society B: give players reassurance."

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