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OpenHarmony Innovation Competition concluded successfully: leading the open source trend and ushering in a new era of innovative technology

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On December 15, an open source competition-Open Atom Open Source Competition Innovation Competition (hereinafter referred to as "OpenHarmony Innovation Competition") centered on technology exchange and innovation collision ended successfully in Wuxi City. The event was jointly organized by Open Atom Open Source Foundation, CCTV, Department of Industry and Information Technology of Jiangsu Province, People's Government of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Software Industry Talent Development Foundation, Suzhou Industrial Park and Wuxi High-tech Zone. The half-year innovation competition attracted nearly 1000 top developers from companies, individuals and universities to sign up for the competition. After fierce competition, 10 elite teams from 608 teams gathered in Wuxi National Software Park for a wonderful offline project roadshow.

Open source technology lights up the light of wisdom, innovative works lead industry innovation

OpenAtom OpenHarmony (referred to as "OpenHarmony") is an open source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation. The goal is to build a framework and platform for an intelligent terminal operating system based on open source in the era of full scenario, full connection and full intelligence, so as to promote the prosperity and development of the Internet of Everything industry.

Driven by the Open Atoms Foundation, OpenHarmony Innovations provides a platform for developers to practice and innovate. The competition set up three competition themes: innovative application, commercial display industry and financial industry, aiming to encourage developers to deeply learn and apply OpenHarmony technology, explore and discover practical and innovative open source application software and full-scene solutions.

In the fierce competition, many teams showed outstanding innovation strength. Among them, the "biandangroup" team successfully won the championship with its outstanding project achievements and technical strength. Their entry "Easy List" is a small and lightweight to-do list application that accurately uses native design concepts, offers a variety of theme colors to choose from, adapts to light and dark colors and large screen displays, features multi-sync features and universal card design. This work fully demonstrates the power and application prospects of OpenHarmony technology, providing developers with a new perspective and direction.

First prize on-site publicity

In the competition, the "New World Automatic Recognition" team and the "OHMG" team won the second prize for their outstanding performance, fully demonstrating the application value and innovative thinking of OpenHarmony technology. At the same time, seven teams won the third prize, namely: "Peregrine Falcon" team,"Haoc_Xiaoyuan" team,"Xiaobo Studio" team,"Zero Software" team,"L" team,"Sound Life" team and "Far ahead" team. The entries of these teams cover many fields from multi-device video playback to intelligent agricultural central control system, which fully demonstrates the application potential of OpenHarmony technology in different industries, and also reflects the developers 'in-depth understanding and innovative application of technology.

Second prize on-site publicity

Third prize on-site publicity

It is worth mentioning that the "Wavelet Studio" team won the Best Popularity Award for the popularity and influence of its work OpenHarmony Large Language Model Application Platform-Blue Eye AI. This award is based on the application prospects, technical difficulty and innovation of the entries, and is selected by the public. The competition also selected five excellent financial awards and five excellent student awards. Excellent financial award team five includes: "weilaikeqi" team,"cloud account technology" team,"micro-Tao" team,"Qingyun Zhiyuan" team and "1818 win" team; there are 10 outstanding student award teams in total, which are respectively: "Leading Storm" Team,"Finger" Team,"Yuyun Guard" Team,"Magic Code" Team,"All Beautiful Women" Team,"Zhizhou" Team,"Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology" Team,"Kaihong School" Team,"BabyWords" Team,"zwyx" Team. The entries from these teams are also unique, demonstrating the potential of OpenHarmony technology in different fields such as finance, education and agriculture.

OpenHarmony Innovation Competition winning team, judges on-site photo

OpenHarmony Innovation Competition provides a platform for developers to show themselves, communicate and learn, and also unearth many excellent works and teams. These works and teams not only demonstrate the power and application prospects of OpenHarmony technology, but also reveal the vitality and infinite possibilities of the open source market. As more developers participate in the OpenHarmony ecosystem, the future of the Internet of Everything will be more prosperous and exciting.

Carry forward the spirit of open source: lead the era of innovation and inspire new forces

The OpenHarmony community not only provided full support for the competition, but also demonstrated the potential of open source technology. The competition brings together developers, technology explorers and industry pioneers from all fields to chart new blueprints for the rise of emerging technologies and industries. The OpenHarmony community is eager for more creative talent to join and will continue to provide support and development programs.

In the future, OpenHarmony Competition Training Camp will bring more propositions in more fields and more powerful and diversified technical guidance and support, empower college teachers and students in multiple directions, attract more OpenHarmony participants to look forward to the future, explore unknown and innovative technologies, and jointly explore and create a bright future full of possibilities and innovations!

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