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The long March No. 5 rocket is "long". Designer Li Pingqi revealed that it is used for "large satellite platform" and "one arrow and two stars".

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Shulou( Report--, December 18, the evening of December 15, China successfully launched the remote sensing satellite 41 into orbit by using the long March 5 Ye-6 carrier rocket at the launch pad of Wenchang Space launch site, and the launch mission was a complete success.

For the first time, this rocket uses a newly developed fairing with a diameter of 5.2m and a height of 18.5m, which is "taller" than before and can accommodate a larger payload, further improving the mission adaptability of the rocket, which has become the focus of attention of friends.

According to official news from the Chinese Academy of launch vehicle Technology, Li Pingqi, chief designer of the long five rocket, said that the fairing of the long five rocket is 18.5 meters long. The change of the fairing is mainly to meet the development needs of China's large satellite platform, and it can also support the launch mission of one arrow and two stars in the future, and improve the mission adaptability of the long five rocket.

In addition, this change has made the long five rocket, apart from acting as a force, become a tall man in the long March rocket family and become the tallest carrier rocket in active service in our country.

According to reports, "long" does not simply increase height, it means that the aerodynamic shape of the rocket has changed greatly, and the overall and sub-systems of the whole rocket have to carry out a round of comprehensive design and analysis. developers carry out design verification with the attitude towards a brand-new rocket, finely design and adjust parameters, and carry out various simulations and tests to ensure the comprehensiveness of design verification, so that long five rockets can easily adapt to the new configuration.

Perhaps some people are curious that the booster and core first-level modules of the long-5 and long-5-B rockets can be fully shared, so wouldn't it be easier for the long-5 rocket to directly use the 20.5-meter fairing applied by the long-5-B rocket? Li Pingqi explained that after the early demonstration of the team, according to the carrying capacity of the long five rocket, as well as the weight and size of the high orbit load at home and abroad, the 18.5-meter-long fairing can cover the demand.

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