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From Porsche 911 to Glory 911: the Glory Pioneer Cross-border Journey behind Porsche Design hand in hand

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Shulou( Report--

On December 14, Glory and Porsche Design officially announced their cooperation, which immediately aroused widespread concern and heated discussion throughout the network. Subsequently, the news about the Porsche version of Glory Magic6 emerged one after another, and it was revealed that the first product designed by Glory Porsche would launch a limited edition of 911, and the internal code name of the product was "Glory 911".

Glory and Porsche design are defined together, and the number "911" that pays homage to Porsche from the inside out is of strong historical significance and cultural value to Porsche.

As the most classic model of Porsche, the Porsche 911 series was designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche himself, and Porsche design was also the brand he created in 1972.

Since its birth in 1963, the classic Porsche 911 has undergone eight generations of evolution and has become a legend of the entire Porsche and even the entire German automobile industry. Therefore, 911 is not only a code name for a model, but also contains profound historical and cultural connotations-911 represents Porsche's legendary spirit and Porsche's pursuit of extreme performance and design.

Obviously, Glory Porsche designed its first product codenamed "Glory 911", which is a tribute to Porsche 911. The limited number of 911 shows that Glory intends to build a culture and belief in ultra-high-end mobile phones.

In addition to paying tribute to Porsche 911 in terms of internal models and limited editions, the upcoming Glory Magic6 Porsche version also incorporates a large number of Porsche design languages.

Earlier, digital blogger @ fixed focus Digital shared a designer's manuscript, which shows that the back of Glory's new machine is integrated with the lines of a Porsche sports car, Honor and Porsche design LOGO are arranged vertically. The camera module of this new machine adopts the design of outer circle and rectangle of inner ring, combined with Porsche design lines, which makes the new machine highly recognizable.

In addition, the real picture of the suspected Glory Magic6 Porsche version has also been exposed online. from the revelation picture, the Glory Magic6 Porsche version can be said to be "Porsche's mobile phone form", with a large number of Porsche "soul" design elements. For example, the classic "red and black" color matching on Porsche's body and interior is applied to the body color, combined with a plain leather-like material on its back to create a color design with the Porsche Design logo. The "star wheel three shots" design of the rear camera has also been changed to the horizontal arrangement, the classic cannon dashboard style of the Porsche sports car.

It is not difficult to guess that Glory Magic6 Porsche version is completely defined and built by Glory and Porsche design. The cooperation between Honor and Porsche Design will also go deep into all aspects of product design, technology and functional experience, which is more in line with what Honor CEO Zhao Ming said after the announcement of the cooperation information officer between the two sides:

"We will create a more innovative and excellent new experience of smart mobile terminals for technology enthusiasts and Porsche enthusiasts who pursue an avant-garde lifestyle."

The "shortcut" of the glorious high-end journey, the two-way rush between the strong, Huawei and Porsche designers to create the Mate RS mobile phone with its ultra-high-end image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The launch of each joint Porsche design product can cause a warm response in the market, which has become the most successful example of cross-border cooperation among mobile phone manufacturers.

However, it should be noted that Porsche design cooperation can not be obtained by any brand. Porsche design pursues the extreme and unique, and is good at creating the brand value of distinctive high-end products, so that the brand is doomed to work together, then the other side must be the same: committed to creating higher quality and differentiated products for consumers.

For the glory that has been independent for three years and has made remarkable achievements in the high-end market, its strong brand potential has naturally attracted the attention of Porsche designers.

According to a report released by Canalys data institutions, Glory China returned to the first place in terms of market share and shipments in the third quarter of 2023. This is the second time that Glory has achieved the peak of market share after the independence of the brand. In addition, in overseas markets, Glory overseas mobile phone shipments increased by more than 300% in the first three quarters of this year compared with the same period last year.

In terms of products, the Glory Magic5 series released by MWC2023 at the beginning of this year, with a series of cool techs such as "Qinghai Lake Battery", made Glory the most discussed brand on MWC's overseas media platform on the day it was launched. Prior to this, the Chronicles Glory Magic series also had the "Zhicheng version", a fully filled high-end flagship of hard core, paving the way for Glory's ultra-high-end journey ahead of time.

In the folding screen field, Glory also achieved a "triple hit" in three months. Magic V2 surpassed Huawei Mate X3 to win the first increase in the stock of horizontal folding screen phones in July and August. Two weeks after the first sale of Magic V2, the inflow of Apple users increased by 300%, entering the hinterland of Apple phone sales. More importantly, the cumulative output of folding machines on Glory's own production line has exceeded 1 million.

The above data point to two important trends of Glory Brand today:

Glory launched a charge to the global high-end mobile phone market, strong innovation and product power advantages, so that Glory "conquered the city and dominate the territory" in the global market.

In the high-end market, Glory has inherited the innovative spirit of Huawei and began to compete fiercely with Apple and Samsung for the future of high-end mobile phones.

In this context, the strong potential energy of Glory has undoubtedly attracted the attention of Porsche design, and the brand value of Porsche design is also complementary to the product concept of Glory. It is not so much the cooperation between the two sides, but the "perfect fit" of the genes of two high-end brands and the two-way journey of the high-end.

For Glory, if insisting on two-wheel drive and long-term innovation is the only way to build a high-end brand, then joining hands with Porsche design is a "shortcut" in high-end brand construction. or "Dongfeng"-the partnership with Porsche design can not only enhance the glorious ultra-high-end brand image, but also take advantage of Porsche design. And further expand to more consumer segments and areas to attract more consumers who identify with Porsche design, so as to further enhance the influence of the glorious brand.

In the end, for a long time, Glory adheres to the innovative concept of two-wheel drive, devotes itself to technological breakthroughs at the bottom and creates advanced experience products. After Huawei, Porsche design choice and glory join hands, which is not only an affirmation of Glory's strength and influence in the field of science and technology, but also the mutual attraction of brand values between the two sides.

And this cooperation will also bring more opportunities and challenges to both sides in the high-end market.

Back to the product itself, after successive Porsche design joint products were put on the market, their high-end and scarce properties have been popular in the market. This Glory Magic6 Porsche limited edition 911, it is also clear that Glory intends to use the scarcity of the "limited edition" of the product to turn it into a spiritual symbol of the pursuit of the extreme, just like the Porsche 911, a classic in the hearts of consumers.

As far as consumers are concerned, if they want to buy this product, they naturally have to prepare for it. "setting the alarm clock" is a must. After all, you can make money when you buy the Porsche version of Magic6, which is ready to go.

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