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Starting from 8000W high-power 589 yuan, Siemens Ruicheng series rail sockets are released.

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, the Siemens brand released the Ruicheng series of rail sockets, optimized function and appearance, using the "round" wild design concept, supporting 8000W load.

Considering the increase of load, each socket module of Ruicheng series premium rail socket is equipped with a separate power on and off function to ensure that when the power of one load is cut off, the normal operation of other sockets will not be affected. The micro-rotation 30 °on-off control is adopted.

The socket can choose high-grade black, quiet gray, elegant white three colors, the shell uses a circular runway design track, can be used for different home decoration styles.

In terms of safety, the socket can display the workload of the track socket in real time: 0-2500W white light, 2500-4000W yellow light, 4000-8000W red light.

In addition, the socket module connector uses a new gear drive structure, double clasp embedded, not easy to loose power off; equipped with children anti-electric triple design, including track 6mm narrow opening, zero-fire wire hidden design, semi-closed copper ground pole.

In terms of price, inquired about the e-commerce platform and found that the socket 0.5m track + 3 5-hole Pro basic version is priced at 589 yuan.

Beijing East-West Gate 8000W premium model set (0.5m track + 3 5-hole Pro) 589 yuan direct link

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