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Shulou online "jump win free order" activity, with a maximum amount of 39 yuan

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Shulou( Report--, December 18 news, today launched the "jump win free order" activity, the first phase of the activity will be held from December 18 to 24.

Search for "free order" in App and jump to box 9, 19 and 39, and you will have a chance to win the exemption order corresponding to 9 yuan, 19 yuan and 39 yuan. Free coupons are issued in a limited amount every day. noted that users have three games a day to participate in the jump, and after that, they can get more opportunities by doing tasks. When jumping to grid 9 or 19, users can choose to accept the current single-free coupon, end the challenge or give up the current one-free coupon, and continue to challenge grid 19 and 39.

Each person can get a free coupon of up to 9 yuan, 19 yuan and 39 yuan per day. Challenge failure can be exchanged for resurrection opportunities by eating beans and other means, and continue the current progress of the game after resurrection, up to one resurrection per day. Free coupons obtained through one-hop interaction can be transferred.

Tasks include browsing, placing orders, subscriptions, answering questions, helping and other task types. After users complete the tasks according to the requirements of the page, they need to return to the page to receive awards in order to get more opportunities.

The types of free coupons include: brand free coupons (brand 20-19 yuan free coupons), store free coupons (20-19 yuan free coupons for shops in Hangzhou and Europe and the United States), commodity free coupons (20-19 yuan free vouchers for hamburger packages), venue free coupons ( 20-19 yuan free coupons for catering venues).

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