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Audio transmission introduces Future Lens mobile phone image technology, which integrates variable aperture, liquid lens and AI skin tone.

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Shulou( Report--, December 18, recently introduced its "Future Lens" mobile phone image technology, which mainly integrates three features: "variable aperture", "liquid macro lens" and "AI skin tone". The related contents of are as follows:

Variable aperture sound transmission plans to add variable aperture technology to future flagship phones, and the company uses a W-shaped aperture blade design that allows phones to achieve multiple adjustable apertures.

▲ picture source sound transmission (the same below) liquid lens sound transmission plans to add a liquid lens for the mobile phone, making use of the "fluidity" of the optical fluid to change the light focus by squeezing the liquid lens to achieve long focus and macro functions. Xiaomi has also installed relevant modules in its own MIX FOLD and other mobile phones.

AI skin tone tone transmission uses the skin color spectrum data of hundreds of users to create an AI-based "smart skin tone" system, which focuses on dark skin people and claims to be able to shoot "vivid portraits and videos".

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