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Google Chrome Canary browser now supports the "extract video frame" function by default

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Shulou( Report--, December 18, Google has launched the function of "extracting video frames" for Chrome, which is now available by default in the Canary version, and it is believed that it will soon be extended to Beta and stable versions. found that Chromium merged the branch on December 16, enabling the Save Video frame as feature (ContextMenuSaveVideoFrameAs) by default for Chrome for Canary, so that users can save video frames as images directly in the right-click menu, eliminating the hassle of screenshots.

Before this, users can only choose to take screenshots of a certain frame in the video. Of course, they can download the video first, and then use third-party applications such as VLC or FFmeg to extract video frames in batch.

In fact, Microsoft Edge browser has supported the "copy video frame" function as early as version 116, but whether it is the same as the "Save video frame as" function here in Chrome remains to be seen.

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