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Canada will announce new regulations to ban the sale of fuel vehicles by 2035

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Shulou( Report-- Dec. 18--The government is expected to announce new regulations this week requiring all models sold in the country to achieve zero emissions by 2035, a Canadian official told the Toronto Star. Called the Electric Vehicle Availability Standard, the regulation hopes to address the problem of "excessive wait times" by "ensuring there are enough electric vehicles on the Canadian market" to meet "large and growing" demand.

Canada sold about 85,000 pure electric vehicles in 2022, but its impact in the United States and other markets is likely to be minimal, sources said.

According to the Electric Vehicle Availability Standard, by 2026, 20% of all new cars sold in Canada will be new energy vehicles, including pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles; by 2030, this proportion will rise to 60%; by 2035, it will reach 100%.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) said that within 25 years, the output value of new energy vehicles and charging piles is expected to reach 24.5 billion Canadian dollars ( Note: currently about 130.585 billion yuan), while saving Canadians 33.9 billion Canadian dollars (currently about 180.687 billion yuan) in energy costs.

Automakers can also earn carbon points based on the number of electric vehicles they sell, CBC reports, with more points for cleaner cars. In addition, car companies can accumulate points by investing in EV charging infrastructure and launching more EVs before the 2026 regulations come into effect.

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