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Tencent responded to the closure of 3A Game Studio Team Kaiju: relevant people have been transferred to Timi's new project.

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Shulou( Report--, December 18 (Xinhua)-- Team Kaiju, a 3A multiplayer game studio set up by Tencent's Timi Studio in North America in 2021, seems to have been quietly shut down, according to Eurogamer.

In response, a source responded to Reuters that Tencent closed the studio as early as June this year, and the Kaiju team was then transferred to develop another game.

A person close to Tencent told 36 Krypton: "kaiju no longer occurred in June this year, the research project is normally adjusted according to different stages, and people related to kaiju are transferred to Timi's new North American project. This is very common during the pre-research period of large-scale games." query found that Team Kaiju's official website currently displays a 404 error page, and its official LinkedIn page is no longer accessible, indicating that "this LinkedIn page does not exist". LinkedIn shows that some Team Kaiju employees have now moved to work in Timi Studio Group (TiMi Studio Group) in North America.

A former employee who identified himself as Team Kaiju wrote in LinkedIn: "Team Kaiju seems to have ceased to exist and Tencent has not issued any announcement. The team members there are great. I wish them all the best in the future."

Game whistleblower and researcher Kurakasis pointed out: "Team Kaiju was developing an AAA-level multiplayer game, which was co-founded by Scott Warner, the former design director of Halo 4, and Rosi Zagorcheva, a senior producer of the Battlefield series, but Warner left in April this year and Zagorcheva left in April last year."

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