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Less than four months after its launch, the full platform players of "Sea of Stars" exceeded 4 million.

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, developer Sabotage Studio announced that "Sea of Stars" released less than 4 months, the full platform players exceeded 4 million. learned from Steam that "Sea of Stars" went on sale on August 29. Currently, there are 5807 reviews, 88% of them are favorable, the overall review is "particularly favorable", the national price is 165yuan, and it has won this year's TGA Best Independent Game Award.

Game introduction:

"Sea of Stars" carries the goal of Sabotage Studios to recreate classic role-playing games in a modern way: from round battles to ups and downs, from world exploration to delicate environmental interaction, bringing people back to the good old days of exclusive nostalgic games.

The combination of classics and innovation-"easy", "happy" and proficient

Control the timing of the fight-pressing the interaction key at the right time can increase or reduce the damage done.

Flexible combat style-the use of multiplayer combinations, recharge attacks, and tactical "lock breaking" systems in combat can even interrupt the force attacks or powerful spells the enemy is preparing by combining these different attacks.

Put your heart and soul into this retro work-there will be no random and boring encounters, no frequent shifts between battlefields, let alone endless enemies!

The exploration of "not sticking to one style"

We have devoted ourselves to studying platform games for many years and created a unique mobile system!

You will no longer be bound by the traditional grid and travel freely in the world!

Whether you want to swim in the pool, climb on the rock wall, or jump briskly down the stone steps, you can enjoy it.

Independent lighting rendering

We have developed a unique rendering pipeline for the game!

"Sea of Stars" therefore breaks through the limitations of 2D pixel art games, which makes the game full of colors and elegant details everywhere! Let you feel a more real and amazing game world.

Eternal adventure and friendship

That's what you can expect from Sabotage Studios' role-playing games-classic stories of adventure and friendship.

You can embark on this fascinating journey with dozens of original characters:

Sometimes magnificent, like an epic song

Sometimes relaxed and witty, people can not help laughing.

Full of unexpected twists and turns, people's mood can not be calmed down for a long time.

Comfortable daily life is also part of the game.

Want to try to stop the adventures and pass the time in the world of "sea of stars"?

Try to sail out to sea!

Or build a bonfire and study recipes?

Or take out a fishing rod and throw two strokes?

Pass by a pub and listen to children's songs or play two board games.

Each system is designed to add a new and unique experience on the premise of respecting classic retro games.

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