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Tesla embraces wireless charging, officially confirming that the household induction charger is under development.

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According to on December 19, Tesla has finally taken a big step into the field of wireless charging. Following the hint earlier this year, the company has officially confirmed that it is developing a wireless induction charger for home use.

In the past, Tesla had little interest in wireless charging technology. After all, the convenience of wireless charging is not subversive compared to manual charging. However, with the continuous development of Tesla's autopilot technology, the advantages of wireless charging are gradually emerging. Just imagine, when the car can drive itself home, the automatic charging function without human intervention is very important. noted that although Tesla preferred automatic robotic arm charging solutions in the past, the wind has changed recently. Earlier this year, Tesla showed off a mysterious wireless home charging station in a demonstration, but gave no further details. The company then acquired a start-up focused on wireless charging technology and recruited some core technical staff before reselling it. All these moves indicate that Tesla has hidden ambitions in the field of wireless charging.

Now, Tesla finally officially confirmed the development of wireless household charger news. In a Jay Leno video about Cybertruck, Tesla's chief designer Franz von Holzhausen confirmed the news, saying: "We are developing inductive charging technology, and then you don't even need to plug anything in. Just drive the car to the charging board in the garage and start charging automatically." Although the details have not been disclosed, it is undoubtedly of great significance for Tesla to formally take this step.

Tesla's entry into the wireless home charging market is both anticipated and worrying. It is expected that this technology will further improve the convenience of electric car users and contribute to the development of self-driving technology; the worry is that the high cost may limit the technology to a small number of wealthy users and cannot popularize the public.

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