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Microsoft Edge browser introduces "super drag": the fourth way to unlock new tabs and open links

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Shulou( Report--, December 19 (Xinhua) Microsoft recently invited users of Microsoft Edge browsers on Dev and Canary channels to test a new feature called "super drag and drop" to make it easier for users to open links more quickly.

Currently, in Microsoft Edge browser, users want to open a link or image in a new tab. There are three ways to open a link or image. The attachment operation is as follows:

Right-click the link or image, and then select the appropriate operation option

Drag a link or image to the tab bar

Use the mouse wheel to click on a link or image

Super drag brings a fourth type of interaction, in which the user clicks on a link, portion of text, or image, and then drags it horizontally, up, or down a bit to open it in a new tab. A demo is attached to as follows:

After the user drags the text, the default search engine of the Edge browser is called by default and a new tab is opened to search.

Edge browser is disabled by default. Users need to open "edge://flags/#edge-super-drag-drop" on the address bar and select "Enabled" to enable it.

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