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New feature of Firefox Firefox browser for Android Nightly: install add-ons in file mode

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Coje_He for the clue delivery!, December 19, Mozilla last week enhanced the Android version of Firefox Firefox, adding support for more than 450 add-ons.

Mozilla now further expands the Android version of Firefox's support for add-ons, and in the latest Nightly version, users can install add-ons as files.

Take Bypass Paywalls Clean, for example, this add-on cannot be downloaded through Mozilla's official add-on repository (aka AMO) because of a DMCA hit.

However, Bypass Paywalls Clean is still under maintenance and is a signed add-on, and the only problem is that you need to install it from a file. according to foreign science and technology media GHacks reports, take Bypass Paywalls Clean as an example, the sharing steps are as follows:

1. Users download the .xpi file of Bypass Paywalls Clean.

two。 Click the menu button in Firefox Nightly, and then select Settings.

3. Click the "install add-ons from file" option. The file picker should be open.

4. Select the XPI file you downloaded and it will be installed in Firefox Nightly.

5. You can access the extension from the browser menu > add-ons.

Thanks to @ Coje_He 's reminder, Beta Android Firefox also supports file installation of add-ons.

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