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Dolphin AI learns from App and Disney reaches a partnership with famous IP such as "Super Marine Corps" will accompany children to improve their English.

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On December 19, dolphin AI Learning (formerly dolphin self-study App), a leading intelligent education product in China, partnered with the global famous Disney brand official Xuan. Dolphin AI Learning App has been officially authorized by Disney to introduce more than 40 authentic picture books of nearly 20 famous Disney IP, such as "Zootopia", "Frozen", "Toy Story" and "Super Marine Corps". According to the requirements of the new curriculum standards for primary schools in China and the English foundation of domestic children, it has carried out secondary development according to the six-level goal and the degree of difficulty, and the 150th English reading content has been unlocked one after another. It is expected that the content of the system will be launched in dolphin AI App from December 26. Members can get it without extra charge, and non-members can try it for 7 days free of charge.

▲ Picture: dolphin AI Learning App and Disney official Cooperation Picture Dolphin AI Learning App is very careful in the selection of global popular classic IP original corpus and the secondary development of graded reading system for English original picture books. This time, it is carefully selected on the basis of Disney's massive original classic IP, and the secondary grading development in China is carried out. Dolphin AI Science in product function design, through words and sentences expansion, story reading, picture book follow reading, dynamic picture book appreciation, intelligent dialogue and other five modules, scientifically and graded to customize the weekly ability improvement plan, to achieve the complete English ability improvement closed loop of "word expansion, one reading, one listening, one reading and one expression". The newly developed system can help children expand their English intensive reading vocabulary by more than 17000. At that time, children will be able to reap happiness in an imaginative fairy tale world and improve their English ability step by step.

▲ Picture: dolphin AI Learning App English graded Picture Book five modules to help children develop self-discipline habits, Dolphin AI Learning also combines the spiritual core of Disney's classic IP characters to launch 20 Disney classic IP character virtual collection cards to accompany children and their favorite Disney characters to grow up together through a rich incentive system, including the brave and independent Aisha in Frozen and the warm and kind-hearted revelation in the Marine Corps. Judy, the wise and brave officer in Zootopia, and Sheriff Woody, the guardian of justice in Toy Story.

Dolphin AI not only has cutting-edge concepts and exquisite product design, but also has outstanding ability in content research and development. This year coincides with the 100th anniversary of Disney. It is believed that the primary school English authentic Disney series of graded picture books launched in this cooperation can live up to the users' love and make more students happier to improve their English ability independently.

The head of Dolphin AI Learning App said that Disney has a number of well-known animated IP, which has a unique appeal to teenagers, and reading in English accompanied by the original animated characters can enhance children's interest in reading. This cooperation is also a new breakthrough of dolphin AI in international IP copyright cooperation.

▲ picture: the above is part of Disney's authorized picture book to show that "it is our philosophy to train children from passive learning to active learning." It is believed that after this authorized cooperation, with the efforts of the dolphin AI learning content research and development team, we will be able to meet the basic and advanced English needs of different children, and further provide students with a more personalized, interesting and effective immersive English experience.

It is understood that in order to systematically help students improve their English ability, in addition to English graded picture books, Dolphin AI officially launched the primary school English section in November this year. Combine the language acquisition curve of different ages to scientifically grade the content; stimulate children's curiosity to explore actively through immersion and interesting interaction; consolidate the foundation with scene-based picture books to improve language comprehension; set up intelligent dialogue links to let children express confidence from hearing; consolidate based on the Ebinghaus forgetting curve, so that children can gradually achieve the improvement of ability.

According to public reports, Dolphin AI Learning (formerly Dolphin self-study App) is a new intelligent education product of Yuanfudao Group, which can provide personalized self-study content and plans for English, math and physics from grades 1 to 9. It has been well received by students and parents. Its App App Store user rating is 4.6, ranking in the first camp of educational products. Recently, dolphin AI home page newly revised and online eye-catching AI intelligent partner, because of the "Socratic heuristic AI Q & A" function rushed to hot search and attracted 60 million netizens to watch. This year, Dolphin AI Science has also been repeatedly recognized by professional institutions and authoritative media. In November, it was listed in the Southern Weekly 2023 Creative products Award list. In April of the same year, it won the 2023 "German iF Design Award", one of the three major design awards in the world.

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