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Ideal car OTA 5.0launch push today: support full scene intelligent driving NOA,Mind GPT large model support

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Shulou( Report--

Thank you, netizens, for your bold clue delivery. December 19 news, in the ideal car intelligent software conference held on December 10, ideal OTA5.0 was officially unveiled, including intelligent driving, intelligent space, intelligent range three major aspects, today for the ideal L series models launched push.

Smart driver learned that the ideal car OTA 5.0 upgraded both AD Max and AD Pro platforms, from AD 2.0 to AD 3.0. From the previous modular algorithm architecture based on multiple small models and artificial rules to the end-to-end algorithm architecture dominated by large models.

AD Max 3.0 adopts BEV model and Occupancy to occupy the network; the planning algorithm is gradually switched to the time-space joint planning algorithm, which can plan the optimal driving trajectory in milliseconds; at the same time, the MPC model predictive control algorithm is updated to achieve low delay and high accuracy steering, acceleration and braking.

AD Max 3.0supports full scene Intelligent driving (NOA) and full scene assisted driving (LCC). The new upgrade of intelligent parking can help users park their cars in designated parking spaces in underground parking lots, and even drive across layers, not only across underground 2 floors, but also in underground 10-story systems.

The ideal L-series Max model will be upgraded to AD Max3.0, which will support full-scene intelligent driving, covering highways, urban rings and urban roads in 110 cities. In the first half of next year, Pro and Air models will achieve high-speed intelligent driving under BEV architecture, full-scene assisted driving, as well as stronger intelligent parking and active safety.

Ideal students in intelligent space introduced the self-developed multimodal cognitive model Mind GPT internal test version, based on the car, entertainment, travel and other scenarios using SFT, RLHF and other technologies to carry out a series of training. Let Mind GPT have the three abilities of understanding, generation, knowledge memory and reasoning.

Based on the key scenarios of the ideal classmate, Mind GPT has tailored more than 1000 exclusive capabilities covering 111fields. The new version of the ideal student supports free dialect speaking, free command speaking, concise mode and the ability of full-time and full-time car-free awakening.

The intelligent extended range ideal automobile OTA 5.0upgrades the battery control algorithm, the battery discharge capacity is optimized, and the maximum discharge capacity is increased by 4.1%; the timing of intervention is optimized, the proportion of pure electricity is increased, and the air conditioning power is intelligently adjusted, the air conditioning optimal power is automatically adjusted in real time, and the pure electric mileage is increased. Officials say the mileage of pure electricity has increased by 15-20% in winter.

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