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Tencent Cloud donates OpenTenBase domestic database software

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, according to Tencent Cloud official news, on December 16, at the 2023 Open Atomic developers Conference, Tencent Cloud donated OpenTenBase, a community distribution version of enterprise-level distributed database TDSQL, to the Open Atomic Foundation to create a prosperous database technology ecology with upstream and downstream industry chains and developers through open source co-creation.

According to reports, OpenTenBase has been honed for more than 10 years in Tencent Social, Game, Advertising, Finance and other internal business and external commercial scenarios, and claims to be "perfect for" application scenarios with massive data, high concurrency, high HTAP, and distributed transaction capabilities. This is another important basic software project donated by Tencent after the compiler software OpenKona JDK and the full-link independent evolution of the operating system OpenCloudOS.

Feng Guanlin, secretary general of the Open Atomic Open Source Foundation, said: "I am glad to see that Tencent has been able to open source and donate OpenTenBase, a basic software database project that has been polished for many years and tested by massive business scenarios, to the foundation. In the future, the foundation will work with the industry to build OpenTenBase into an excellent open source project with global influence."

Pan Anqun, general manager of Tencent Cloud Database Research and Development, said that OpenTenBase database technically fills the gap of open source distributed OLTP system based on PostgreSQL in the industry, and integrates HTAP dual-engine, distributed transaction consistency, high SQL compatibility, complex query and other technical capabilities, which can provide strong support for the digital transformation of enterprises. with official introduction:

In terms of engine, OpenTenBase supports both OLTP (online transaction processing) and OLAP (online Analytical processing) capabilities, which can effectively reduce business architecture complexity and cost.

In the aspect of transaction consistency, the global transaction management node is introduced to manage distributed transactions, and the distributed transaction consistency technology is used to ensure transaction consistency in the fully distributed environment.

In terms of compatibility, it is highly compatible with PostgreSQL and Oracle versions

In terms of query, a new distributed query optimizer is developed, which can improve the performance of complex queries by more than ten times.

So far, Tencent has opened up more than 170 projects, ranking among the top 10 in the global open source list, and has been followed and liked by more than 470000 developers.

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