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EA Frost game engine with new Logo

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Thank you, netizens, for your clue delivery!, December 19, Frostbite (Frost) is EA's multi-platform game engine that supports games such as the Battlefield series.

EA recently announced on its website that it will launch a new Logo and brand logo for Frost engine and will reshape it as a collaborative innovation platform for EA.

▲ Frost engine New LogoEA officials say the rebranding reflects the company's image today, marking not only a visual shift in the Frost engine, but also a philosophical shift to focus on working with teams and creators. In this new era, the mission of the Frost engine team is to unite every EA game team that uses the engine and expand their expertise.

The evolution diagram of the ▲ Frost engine Logo can be seen from the figure, the Logo of the Frost engine retains the iconic "frozen hand" pattern, and the graphics are changed to a more materialized hand design.

EA says the new handprint is made up of continuous, overlapping layers, reflecting how teams can use each other's strengths to exceed what they can achieve when they work alone. Each layer, like every frost engine technology, is both an innovation and a foundation, supporting the layers above it and building a cohesive whole. The sharp cutting edges of the handprints have also been smoothed to create a smoother shape, reflecting EA's commitment to solving the rough problems of the Frost engine and creating a smoother experience for creators and players.

In addition, the new Logo can also be superimposed with game patterns, so that there are different styles in each game. Do friends think it looks good?

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