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Staring at the release of the first cycling sports camera, ushering in the era of two-in-one cycling images and data.

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On December 15, 2023, the world's first cycling sports camera, DDPAI RANGER, was released, innovating and defining a new category of sports cameras. Staring has decades of technology accumulation in the field of smart travel, such as image / whole machine / software / AIoT. With the expansion of global cycling and outdoor sports, as well as the trend of increasingly subdivided consumer demand, users are increasingly exposed to pain points in the use of cycling video devices. Focus on accurate insight and develop customized professional cycling sports cameras based on the differentiation of cycling scenes. Keep an eye on the RANGER innovation carrying cycling scene specializing in technology and sports data, for motorcycles and bicycles and other cyclists to provide more accurate, higher quality product experience and services, and enjoy the ride together.

Explore the beauty of the world, the joy of novelty, maintain the desire, and start one fantasy journey after another. The yearning and love for freedom leads the brave men to explore fearlessly. Every departure is full of expectations, and every place is worthy of being recorded and told. RANGER is born for freedom, because he loves fearlessness! It symbolizes freedom, exploration and self-transcendence, and every moment recorded is a true portrayal and embodiment of the love of cycling. The free flying figure, the thrilling bending moment, and the beautiful scenery from afar, each knight can create his own riding story here.

Image and data fusion, cycling fun leaps to new heights

The RANGER has built-in multiple high-precision sensors, which can display real-time data such as speed, mileage, time, compass, slope and air pressure on the camera screen. And through the AI algorithm, the original SR4.0 can overlay data in the shooting video with one click to generate cool and exclusive video. You can also view 3D trajectory motion videos, all itinerary routes, etc., on the staring App. As the popularity of content creativity continues to rise in social networks, the public's richness of camera content collection continues to grow. Staring at RANGER not only meets the shooting needs of users, but also calculates all kinds of motion data, which is not only a professional camera, but also an exclusive code table. Provide convenience for users to ride, inject unlimited creativity into the movement, and lead the era of cycling images and data in one.

Specialize in image processing technology, truly restore what you see and love

Staring at the RANGER cycling motion camera supports 4K150 °ultra-clear wide-angle shooting to clearly capture every wonderful moment. Equipped with a new generation of AI-ISP architecture chip, with the help of self-developed Realcube primary color box image, NightVIS night eye image and other technologies, it can comprehensively enhance the image color perception and restore the real and delicate picture. Even in the dark light environment at night, it can improve the dark details, reduce the noise at night, and restore a clean and transparent cycling picture.

In terms of anti-shake, staring at RANGER has triple ride image anti-shake, D-Flow image anti-shake technology specially trained for cycling scenes, horizon stabilization, wide-angle distortion correction, whether it is mountainous or rugged roads, can take stable and smooth pictures.

Hardcore anti-building design, free to explore and enjoy the fun.

Tailored for cycling, it is easy to use and easy to use in the process of cycling. A twist to install, left and right shortcut keys quickly open shooting, code table function. All-metal inner frame integrated die-casting, 7H high hardness 3 anti-scratch glass lenses, IP67 grade dustproof and waterproof, 45 °high temperature resistance, stable shooting no matter in all kinds of complex environment, indulgence creation is not limited.

In terms of battery life, the RANGER also has a unique function of charging and recording at the same time, with ACC power base can achieve uninterrupted ultra-long range, there is no need to pause cycling to wait for the camera to recharge, completely bid farewell to the trouble of battery life.

Global layout, focusing on continuous innovation and breakthrough travel images

Eye shooting, founded in 2013, is committed to using innovative technology to change human travel and lifestyle. As a well-known brand of on-board images, a number of driving recorders are popular with users. In the future, we will continue to build a new generation of image consumer products and a new ecology of image interconnection around the world around vision and artificial intelligence.

The launch of the RANGER cycling sports camera is to focus on the new layout in the field of extension and subdivision of travel images, which will continue to upgrade and iterate, focusing on users and providing accurate and quality services. RANGER will also be officially sold overseas next year. At present, the pre-sale of new products has been opened in China, and long-range motorcycle sets and bicycle brackets are given. If you are interested, you can go to the official mall to learn more about the event. On the whole, the market performance of this new product is worth looking forward to.

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