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Intel officially launched the artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Competition, working with Lenovo to accelerate the application of AI  features on PC .

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On December 16, the launching ceremony of Intel artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Competition was held in Shenzhen. Through this competition, Intel provides a platform for developers to show their creativity and results, and relies on the powerful Intel? Kui Rui? Ultra and other devices and software tool kits help developers develop creatively with the excellent computing and graphics performance of Intel-based AI PC, so that every user can truly experience the jump in intelligent productivity and a more powerful entertainment experience brought about by AI PC. As the exclusive AI PC partner of this competition, Lenovo and Intel work together to accelerate the application of AI features on PC and promote the release of productivity and entertainment creativity.

Wang Chuandong, Vice President of Lenovo Group and Chief Marketing Officer of China (left), and Dr. Li Ying, Vice President and General Manager of Software Ecology Division of Intel (right)

Intel artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Competition has separate individual track and enterprise track, which aims to encourage developers to use Intel Core Ultra and other platforms and software tool suites to create AI applications. Through the competition platform, technical training and expert Q & A, developers can make full use of generative AI technology to create efficiently on AI PC, develop rich work, life and entertainment software such as art creation, music production, knowledge sharing and efficiency improvement, stimulate productivity and creativity, and give everyone the opportunity to become artists, painters, composers, directors, designers and so on. There are first, second and third prizes and a number of special prizes in this competition.

Today, AI is fundamentally changing, reshaping and restructuring the PC experience, and the arrival of the AI PC era will further help people improve efficiency, unleash productivity and creativity. Lakshminarayan Krishnamurty, vice president and general manager of Intel's client computing division in China, said: "AI represents an intergenerational shift in computing, and various industries are actively embracing AI. As an industry leader, Intel is committed to promoting the popularity of AI through the scale of hundreds of millions of PC on the market, extensive x86 application ecology, and many models and tools."

Currently, Intel is promoting the resource-rich interconnection of IHV, ISV, developers and Intel-- covering the AI tool chain, joint development, hardware, design resources, technical expertise and joint marketing opportunities. Lakshminarayan also said, "by hosting this competition, we hope to innovate with the vast number of developers-to take full advantage of Intel Core Ultra processor technology, release the performance of AI and machine learning applications, accelerate the landing of new application scenarios, and connect the huge PC industry with emerging solutions in the AI PC ecosystem."

Dr. Li Ying, vice president and general manager of Software Ecology Division of Intel, said, "Intel adheres to the goal of open source and provides an innovative competition platform and many fast, convenient and cost-effective AI productivity tools to help every developer seize the opportunities brought by generative AI. In order to lower the development threshold of generative AI applications and improve development efficiency, Intel supports a series of open source software architectures that enable developers to develop a variety of generative AI applications using an ordinary PC without cloud support. "

Wang Chuandong, vice president and chief marketing officer of Lenovo Group in China, said: "as the exclusive AI PC partner of this competition, Lenovo Group is very happy to work with ecological partners to promote the vigorous development of AI PC ecology. Under the new ecology of AI PC, combined with the support of local human model, natural language interaction and mixed computing power, AI application development will undergo subversive changes. Lenovo hopes to share ecological prosperity with partners and all application developers. Let's live up to AI and go to Shanhai together! " It is reported that, as the exclusive AI PC partner of this competition, Lenovo will provide AI PC equipment and expert team for evaluation and guidance.

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