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[evaluation room] two Lenovo ThinkBook 16 + hands-on evaluation: light and thin, Intel is more cost-effective than AMD

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Shulou( Report--

Speaking of light and thin books, several familiar brands should come to mind immediately, but if you add the word "business" on the basis of light and thin books, I am afraid that the first thing that many people think of is ThinkBook. As the most successful light and thin brand in business positioning, ThinkBook has a deep precipitation in terms of design and quality. Today we'll take a look at two ThinkBook 16 + lightweight business books with 13th-generation Core i5 and AMD Ruilong 7 processors to see who is better suited for the future.

Design this time we got two ThinkBook 16 + using the same mold, there is no difference in appearance, so in the design part we will directly introduce this one with intel processor.

Both notebooks are packed in the classic Kraft carton of the ThinkBook series, with the red Lenovo label in the upper left corner, the collision design in the lower part and the ThinkBook Logo in the lower right corner, allowing people to fill in the classic design elements on the machine at a glance.

Can you tell the difference between two notebooks by lifting side An and putting them on the table at the same time? ThinkBook 16 + still continues the family design language of Lenovo ThinkBook series, silver + gray splicing collision color, thin and high font ThinkBook Logo, and will never be absent from the Lenovo tag, so that the appearance of the two machines show a simple and concise business style, which is one of the reasons why many office users choose it.

In addition, A side exquisite metal sandblasting material, square body lines, touch-free fingerprints, more advanced feel, are also the consistent characteristics of the ThinkBook series. In terms of the size of the fuselage, after all, it has a 16-inch screen, which is as thin as 16.5mm and weighs 1.8kg, which is not very thin but understandable.

In the design of the B side, ThinkBook still follows the pragmatism, and does not use the mirror flat OLED screen that is more and more popular in high-end thin books, but a non-four-sided fog screen with a frame higher than the screen, but Lenovo has specially designed a camera module for it, and the screen also supports 180-degree opening and closing to adapt to more usage scenarios.

First of all, there is a bulge on the top of the entire camera module, which is even printed with the capital Logo of THINKBOOK, which not only facilitates the blind opening of the screen with one hand, but also leaves more space for the lens. Second, Lenovo has arranged a physical anti-peep button on the black bulge on the edge of the screen to better protect privacy.

Since this design, Windows Hello face recognition function must also be arranged, Lenovo will also make the lens area into a symmetrical rounded rectangle, visually more beautiful, but also avoid single lens and Mic, sensor holes on the screen integrity damage.

Technically, this is a 16-inch 16:10 IPS screen with a 90% screen ratio, 2.5K resolution, high 120Hz refresh rate, 100% sRGB gamut, DC dimming, and TUV EyeSafe low blue eye protection certification. At the same time, officials publicize its average Delte in color accuracy.

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