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Sources say that Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra phone takes RAW photos, which is upgraded from 12MP to 24MP by default.

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Shulou( Report-- December 19 news, according to the latest news revealed by the source Ahmed Qwaider, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S24 Ultra mobile phone takes RAW format photos, the default resolution upgraded from 12 million pixels to 24 million pixels.

Samsung's move may be to follow Apple's pace, Apple launched this year's iPhone 15 Pro series models, after algorithm adjustment, default output 24 million pixels, file size is not as exaggerated as 48 million, nor as shabby as 12 million pixels.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is equipped with 200 million pixel main camera, supporting shooting 200 million pixels and 50 million pixels two modes, and the current explosion shows that Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will still be equipped with 200 million pixel main camera. shares the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra mobile phone camera features as follows:

Photo Remaster Samsung may follow the features from the Galaxy Book 4 notebook to further enhance the photos taken by invoking AI elements.

The message said that the feature has three options: Portrait, Remaster and Delete, among which Portrait can create depth of field to better present the subject;Remaster is a one-click enhancement of the picture; and Delete estimate is to delete unnecessary elements in the picture.

ND Filter is similar to the Natural Density filter on SLR cameras, which improves the personalized photo experience by controlling parameters such as shutter exposure. This feature is currently available in Galaxy S23 Ultra and hidden under the "Expert RAW Labs" section.

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