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At the end of 2023, Firefox Firefox 121stable Edition was released.

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Shulou( Report-- Mozilla today released Firefox 121 stable update, the last major release update for 2023.

Mozilla also updated Firefox ESR 115.6 today, in addition to Beta and Developer versions that have migrated to version 122, and Nightly channels that have migrated to version 123.

Firefox 121 stable version update main content: Linux platform default support Wayland Composer Linux version Firefox upgrade version 121, the default upgrade from XWayland to Wayland Composer.

Mozilla says the upgrade includes improved support for touchpad and touchscreen gestures, optimized DPI settings for the display, and improved graphics performance.

Firefox for Android supports add-ons, an extension launched last week that focuses on add-on support, currently showing 491 add-ons.

Firefox for Windows supports AV1 Firefox users on Windows are prompted to install the AV1 plugin to enable hardware decoding if their computer supports AV1 hard decoding. The user accesses about: support, scrolls down to the Media section and activates the Install Extensions link next to Av1.

Firefox for macOS adds voice control commands On macOS, Firefox 121 introduces voice control commands. These commands allow macOS users to interact with their computers using voice. For example, you can say "scroll down" or "click finish" to get the computer to execute a command.

Firefox has a new "Always underline links" option that underlines all links encountered while using the browser. You can enable this feature in General> Settings> Browse> Always underline links.

A floating button has been added to PDF Viewer to add an option to remove elements from PDF documents. includes download links for Firefox versions as follows:

Firefox Stable download

Firefox Beta download

Nightly download

Firefox ESR download

Firefox for Android (thanks to @Coje_He for feedback)

Thanks to @CBing, all of the Firefox versions mentioned above are available for download on Mozilla's website, and users can choose the appropriate version.

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