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Imported from Germany: 1.6 yuan per carton of Deya skimmed pure milk (over 3.8 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

[Tmall supermarket]

The daily price of Deya skim pure milk 200ml*30 box is 99.9 yuan. Today, the order was officially reduced by 30.1 yuan and received a 12 yuan plus coupon.

Today, after my friends get the coupons, there is a good chance that they will automatically get a 5-yuan lucky bag, and the gold coin will support a deduction of 2.89 yuan.

The actual payment is 49.91 yuan for free delivery, equivalent to only about 1.6 yuan per box:

Tmall Deya skim pure milk 200ml*30 box coupon after receiving 49.91 yuan 12 yuan coupon 88vip members can enjoy a 9. 5% discount, only 47. 02 yuan, equivalent to 1. 5 yuan per box.

The daily price of Qingdao offline merchants is 3.88 yuan per box:

"Weidendorf Deya" is a self-owned brand of China Pinley Company.

This model by the well-known German dairy company "Hochwald good Ward" OEM production, in line with EU standards, and the recent reputation is also good.

Tmall Deya skim pure milk 200ml*30 box coupon received 12 yuan coupon after 49.91 yuan

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