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Jiangsu Mobile took the lead in lighting up the access to every village, and Jiangsu Mobile 5G took the lead again.

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Shulou( Report--

At the beginning of 2023, the people's Government of Jiangsu Province included "achieving 5G signal coverage in all administrative villages in the province" (referred to as "villages have 5G") into 55 practical projects on people's livelihood. On December 15, at the Jiangsu Provincial Communications Administration Bureau's "Building Rural 5G Cornerstone and drawing Jiangsu Mathematical Blueprint" Jiangsu Rural 5G Construction and Development Conference, the inspection results of the 5G livelihood project of "Village access" were released.

It is understood that at present, 13700 administrative villages in the province have achieved "5G of villages". The completed administrative village committees and their surrounding 5G signals are stable, and the signal strength and actual download speed are in line with the relevant standards. Among them, China Mobile Jiangsu Company (hereinafter referred to as Jiangsu Mobile) took the lead in realizing the full coverage of the 5G network in the administrative villages of Jiangsu Province, which once again demonstrated the strength of "mobile speed".

Accurate coverage-

Take the lead in "closing", lighting up 13710 administrative villages in the province

According to the national mobile network quality monitoring report released by China Institute of Information and Communication in the second quarter of 2023, from the overall data, China Mobile 5G network quality has an advantage, thanks to China Mobile's strong investment in network construction.

Since 2019, after five phases of continuous construction, Jiangsu Mobile has built a total of 137000 5G base stations, achieving continuous 5G signal coverage. In 2020, Jiangsu Mobile realized 5G network coverage for key traffic trunk lines, key business circles, key unit sites, scenic spots and other areas in Jiangsu Province, and took the lead in realizing 5G coverage in 13 prefectures and cities, counties and towns in the province.

From urban to rural areas, Jiangsu Mobile makes use of the skillful coverage mode of "stacked music" to achieve effective coverage of 5G network in the whole province: in densely populated urban areas, it uses high-frequency 5G network to meet the great demand for network use; in rural areas, China Mobile takes the lead in launching 700m low-frequency 5G network, taking advantage of its advantages such as wider network coverage, more stable signal and better experience effect to solve the problem that it is difficult to cover vast rural areas. In the case of diverse needs and complex regional conditions, Jiangsu Mobile also skillfully uses the three-dimensional network construction mode of high and low multi-frequency bands to solve the network guarantee in special areas.

Up to now, Jiangsu Mobile has built more than 35000 5G base stations in rural areas, achieving full coverage of 13700 administrative villages in the province. This has enabled Jiangsu to demonstrate its network strength again, completing the 14th five-year Plan goal of Jiangsu Province two years ahead of schedule, becoming the first province in the country to achieve high-quality village-to-village access to 5G.

The reporter learned that in January 2024, Jiangsu Mobile will continue to carry out the construction of rural 700m stations to connect 5G signals to all natural villages. at that time, the province's regional mobile 5G network will really be "closed". To achieve "where there are people, there is a mobile 5G network."

Innovation is more than--

"light up" every village, many of them.

Many people wonder that Jiangsu, as a strong province of the network, it should not be difficult to solve the problem of 5G network coverage. But in fact, Jiangsu rural environment is complex, want to have a lot of, let each village "light" 5G is not easy.

In Daichang Village, northeast of Luoma Lake in Suqian City, because of the topography surrounded by water, the village has become the last administrative village in the province with electricity. In the first half of 2023, Jiangsu Mobile, according to the special situation of the village, changed the traditional way of network construction, made use of microwave transmission technology, and built and opened the first 5G base station for the village by "wireless". As a result, Jiangsu Mobile "lights up" 5G for Dai Chang Village, helping it officially enter the 5G era.

On Chuniushan Island, Lianyungang, 40 kilometers away from land, Jiangsu Mobile creatively adopted the combination of coastal land base stations and island stations, and built a 700m 5G base station on Chuniushan Island, opening up a 5G network for island residents and the surrounding sea areas. so that port waterways, offshore fishermen and tourists no longer have to worry about the lack of network availability.

Every village has access to 5G to promote people's livelihood through the network. With the connection of the network, Jiangsu Mobile uses the 5G network to "unlock" the new scene of the digital countryside, "chase and change" the story of the new countryside, and tell the "freshman" of the digital village of Jiangsu.

Full terminal adaptation--

Affordable machine, smooth application, so that everyone can use the most practical 5G

You may have encountered such a situation: the mobile phone signal will have the problem of "strength", and there may also be the phenomenon of "no signal". This is not necessarily the problem of the network, but also the problem caused by the adaptation of the network and the mobile phone. no, no, no.

In the 5G era, there is also such a problem of "mobile phone adaptation". If a 5G mobile phone wants to use the 5G network normally, it not only has something to do with the network, but also depends on whether the network standard of the 5G mobile phone can support the 5G network band in all regions of the province. "only when the frequency of the mobile terminal and the network adapts, can you enjoy 5G, otherwise you may not be able to use 5G network even if you have 5G mobile phone."

According to relevant sources, Jiangsu Mobile not only took the lead in realizing the coverage of the province's 5G network, but also took the lead in solving the problem of adaptation between new 5G phones and 5G networks. "at present, all the new 5G phones on the market can support mobile 5G networks. for remote rural areas, we have more affordable and easy-to-use 5G mobile phones, so that users can not only use, but also more affordable."

The editor also learned that in order to let more people experience the digital life brought about by 5G, Jiangsu Mobile has not only affordable mobile phones, but also multiple benefits such as traffic and smart products.

The network of every village in the province, a thousand yuan mobile phone is more affordable. Enjoy rich applications at will, Jiangsu Mobile 5G to build a digital better life!

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