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Inherit the beauty of the national style, record the beautiful moment and present the brand-new memory card products in the photography competition of "the Beauty and inheritance of the National style".

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Shulou( Report--

On December 16, the offline award ceremony of the "Beauty of National style, details and inheritance" Photography Competition, jointly sponsored by Yi Photography Society and China Cultural and Office equipment Manufacturing Industry Association (China Playe), was held grandly, which also drew a perfect full stop for this competition. At the award ceremony, in addition to the famous photographer Liu Shun'er Niu, who commented on the award-winning works at the scene, as the only designated storage brand for the event, she also showed up at the event, showing two newly released memory card products, causing heated discussion among hundreds of professional photography enthusiasts at the scene, one after another stopped at the posture booth, and showed great interest in the posture PRO professional high-speed memory card.

State-of-the-art PRO professional high-speed memory card and state-of-the-art Endurance highly durable memory card are two newly launched products, both of which adopt flash memory particles based on the Yangtze River memory stack ®Xtacking ®architecture, with high performance and high quality characteristics.

The posture PRO professional high-speed memory card focuses on image recording scenes. It has the highest sequential reading speed of 170MB/s and the highest sequential write speed of 120MB/s, and supports speed levels such as U3, V30, V2, etc., and can well meet the needs of image recording in a variety of scenes, even high-speed continuous shooting in RAW format, let alone full HD FHD or 4K video shooting.

And it also has a higher compatibility, can adapt to a variety of professional cameras, motion cameras, drones and other imaging equipment. And the memory card adopts the scheme of microSD + original SD adapter, no matter it is UAV, motion camera or micro-single camera, it can be plugged and played, so it is convenient and easy to use. And it also provides a variety of capacity, from 64GB to 512GB, to meet a variety of capacity needs, even 4K UHD video can be easily stored.

It is worth mentioning that for image creators, the security of data is always the most important. Therefore, in addition to the high speed of PRO professional high-speed memory card, enough consideration has been made for the security and stability of data. The memory card has the characteristics of cold and heat resistance, waterproof, earthquake resistance and shock resistance. in addition, it can also prevent static electricity and X-rays, so that the memory card can calmly cope with a variety of complex use scenes and finish shooting stably. In addition, with an innovative power outage protection mechanism built in, sudden power outage can also avoid data loss and further ensure data security.

In addition to the posture PRO professional high-speed memory card, the scene also displayed the posture Endurance highly durable memory card, which is suitable for household surveillance cameras, driving recorders and other products. It has the highest reading speed of 100MB/s, and also has the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance, waterproof, shock resistance, anti-falling, anti-static, anti-X-ray and so on. And for durability, it provides a maximum of 60000 hours of uninterrupted video recording capacity (256GB capacity) to meet the continuous use requirements of 7X24 hours.

In the sharing session of the event, the photographer also shared the ultra-fast reading and writing speed of the posture PRO professional high-speed memory card, higher product quality, and the upgrading of the experience brought by photography, helping the photographer to feel at ease to create and record wonderful moments.

In the interactive link, but also in the form of games, so that the scene to participate in the interaction of friends to further understand the strong performance of the posture PRO professional high-speed memory card.

The art of photography is actually the art of recording. The cameraman records every wonderful moment with his own unique perspective. As the carrier of recording, the posture PRO professional high-speed memory card can provide photographers with high-speed, safe and reliable storage experience and record every shining moment with reliable quality and superb performance. Through this activity, also let the photographers really feel the excellent brand power.

As a well-known domestic storage brand, Zhi State continues its excellent performance and excellent quality on the solid state hard disk, and realizes the diversified development of the product line through the memory card. At the same time, as a product for photography users, posture PRO professional high-speed memory card also integrates the characteristics of high performance, high capacity and reliability, helping photographers miss every wonderful moment, becoming an excellent partner and reliable guarantee for photography users, recording every detail.

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