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Noisefit overseas launches Voyage flagship smartwatch: supports eSIM, 7-day battery life, sells for 9999 Indian rupees

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Shulou( Report--, December 19 (Xinhua)-- Noise has launched a flagship smartwatch in India, NoiseFit Voyage, which features 4G eSIM support and costs 9999 Indian rupees ( Note: currently about RMB859), which mainly competes with other smartwatches offered by boAt, Xiaomi, Fire-Boltt and other brands on the market.

The official website of ▲ Picture Source Noisefit (the same below) officially announced that the watch supports the eSIM services of local Jio and Airtel operators and can be used free of charge three months after it is launched. It allows the watch end to make direct phone calls and send and receive text messages.

In terms of appearance, the NoiseFit Voyage features a round dial with two physical buttons on the right, certified as IP68 dustproof and waterproof, and boasts "more than 150 customizable dials" with a 1.46inch display.

In terms of fitness, NoiseFit Voyage is equipped with a 24 × 7 heart rate monitor, SpO2 oxygen monitoring sensor, sleep tracker and female cycle monitor, can also measure pressure levels and provide breathing courses, support a variety of exercise modes, and support SOS emergency functions.

In addition, the watch boasts TruSync technology, which claims to provide stable connectivity, low power consumption and one-step pairing; support for Bluetooth calls; support for notification display, weather and stock updates, camera and music control, quick response and calculator; and 7 days battery life.

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