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Koala Rabbit-AI Intelligent short Video is a new tuyere project

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Shulou( Report--

On December 17, Professor Zheng Xiangzhou's New year's speech, jointly sponsored by Business Review, Fashion Media, 1919 Liquor platform, Caizhong Financial Control, boundless and boundless, and Shunshang Media, was a complete success.

In centering on the theme of "seeking chaos, discovering rules, and innovating models", Mr. Zheng Xiangzhou emphatically mentioned that the domestic mainstream capital is basically enterprises that invest in B-end business, rather than those that invest in C-end business. More than 95% of the top 500 enterprises in the world do B-end business, not C-end business; in domestic enterprises that can be listed, the model is often the profit model of F2B2C. The business of selling products directly to consumers is very difficult to grow. Products sold to consumers through partners, dealers and partners can often be bigger, so how to increase their turnover through marketing, how to improve their turnover through business model, and how to improve their turnover through capital operation is the top priority of enterprise development.

In the coming 2024, Mr. Zheng Xiangzhou, a media man, chairman of the Business Review and a partner of Caizhong Financial Holdings, after a massive selection of business models, also aims at the new trend of the culture and travel project. put forward his own unique views, the following is the original speech:

Li Xiaochun, founder of Zhejiang Shuike Culture Group Co., Ltd. (koala rabbit-VLOG all the way)

This is an enterprise empowered by our Business Review-Zhejiang Shuike Culture Group Co., Ltd., Wisdom Travel, the state-owned platform has invested in them. The koala rabbit has you all the way to do the intelligent interactive short video platform of the scenic spot. To put it simply, after a tourist comes to the scenic spot to play and scan his face, he will play in the scenic spot for a few hours. A collection of photos will be generated in 6 seconds. Preview first, satisfied and then spend money to buy, can be downloaded, can also be shared to various social platforms.

Why are there so many tourists buying? When recording the wonderful moments of a trip, there will be problems, such as rafting, rock climbing, roller coaster, horse riding, high swing, bungee jumping, sliding lock, water suspension bridge, and so on. First of all, it is impossible to shoot, the shooting is difficult, the angle is not good, the shooting is risky, too lazy to shoot, and the second is to spend too much time and energy on editing. Play during the day and cut at night, very tired.

We install smart cameras at appropriate locations in different scenic spots to shoot AI face recognition. With video, the cloud automatically edits the beginning and end of the film, various templates, and can synthesize the film in six seconds to achieve multi-style personal short videos and photos. At the same time, through the capture technology, the angle is richer and the video is more diverse, such as panoramic shooting.

Process shooting, close-up shooting, and even more awesome is the aerial shot, after playing only need to pay the equivalent of a few bottles of mineral water, tourists only need to pay a low price after playing, you can get high-quality photos, short video highlights.

Now we are looking for agents, with the assistance of the headquarters, the agents can dock the venue resources, install cameras, tourists buy 85% of the video business flow to the agents, as well as subsequent ticketing, group purchase tours, travel filming and other agents have a share, most of which are 55% of the profits with the agents. Agents have both active income and passive income.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have mentioned the partnership model many times before, which makes partners and dealer friends willing to follow your development model, which must have both active and passive benefits. Like 1919 eating and drinking, like Wisdom Journey, like portable battery, like Aunt Shanghai and so on. The cooperation model of Wisdom Travel, Koala Rabbit City partner:

As the leader of this new track, Zhejiang Shuike Culture Group not only ploughs cultural brigades and digital rural cultural brigades, but also works in digital museums, sports events, and other racetracks, combining artificial intelligence, video production with sports events and digital exhibitions. Up to now, Zhejiang Shuike has reached cooperation with nearly 300 cultural travel scenic spots all over the country. From the market point of view, the products directly reach the consumer group. It covers a large number of consumers and has a great space for commercial marketing imagination. Through the continuous revenue growth and marketing promotion of the application products of "koala rabbit-you all the way VLOG", the market coverage of koala rabbit can also help commercial brands to market accurately and reach the target consumer group.

In the future, Zhejiang Shuike Culture Group's existing cloud service and AI intelligence will be combined with artificial intelligence to form a set of literature and tourism scenic spot innovation project service system. In 2024, it is planned to complete the national cooperation of 1000 5A and 4A scenic spots, 100 digital pavilions and 100 marathons. Zhejiang Shuike Culture Group is determined to help the country's 300 million tourists record wonderful moments and spread the concept of a happy life. The company will also launch the "Green accompany" group purchase group tour service on January 15, 2024, which is not only a personal assistant for travel guides. Or customized tourism housekeeper, business (work and business entertainment) reception, leisure and entertainment, pick-up, travel, dinner, movies, shopping guides, volume vendors singing Bar clearing bar, camping, tourism, photography, board games, sports, fitness, mountain climbing, fishing, secret rooms, script killing, food, e-sports, billiards, board games, hospital accompany, business pick-up, intimate companions of etiquette bridesmaids, fit the attitude of young people to play in the world, and serve consumers in a more comprehensive, diverse and interesting manner.

Entrepreneurs must be ambitious, have a good plan, have earth-shaking talent, and have the ambition of heaven and earth. Who says that Feier Lang knows the true gold and light of fire; temporarily lies with lofty ambition in the heart of the dragon, and lets the fish and shrimp run wild; harvest claws, obscure Tao and hide, until the day of Tielin plus the body, the wind breaks the vastness.

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