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AI injects power into the intelligent terminal consumer market, and AI PC enters the "Lenovo" moment

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According to the 2023 NPS ranking of smart terminal consumer market brands released by IDC on December 18, Lenovo's notebooks, tablets, monitors, projectors, NAS storage and other intelligent hardware products are in the NPS (net recommended value) TOP5 ranking.

As an important index to measure users' satisfaction with the brand and the degree of recommendation, NPS reflects the users' deep recognition of the brand value. Lenovo Group's various end products have won the trust of users, which not only shows its product strength in product performance, sustainability and customer-oriented service, but also highlights Lenovo's strategic vision of continuous innovation breakthroughs, enhanced product innovation and leading technology capabilities with the "Tianxi" ecology as the core.

High NPS value driven by product force

NPS (Net Promoter Score), the net recommended value is an indicator of user loyalty analysis that measures the likelihood that a user will recommend a product or service to others. In the smart terminal consumer market, the higher the NPS score of a smart product, the better the word-of-mouth, the stronger the willingness of users to recommend to others.

A series of consumer surveys conducted by IDC show that overall consumer confidence in the market weakens in 2023, consumers are more cautious about spending money, and pay more attention to the cost-effectiveness of products. In the intelligent terminal consumer market, product power and marketing power is the key to win consumers.

In the case of desktop computer products, under the background of stable market competition and solidified brand image and brand awareness of various manufacturers, desktop computer users pay more attention to product performance and cost performance. IDC believes that cost-effective and more aggressive online marketing is the key to capturing the minds of users.

Lenovo's desktop computer and notebook brands rank second in the industry in the list of IDC statistics, which is undoubtedly the certification of Lenovo's super product strength. As the core advantage and excellent product power of Lenovo Group, it also helps Lenovo Group's PC shipments rank first in the world for many years in a row.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to PC products, Lenovo Group's monitors, projectors and storage products are also well-known, NPS values are in the industry TOP3. This shows that Lenovo Group not only has a strong product strength and user base in the field of PC, but also has a strong market performance in other intelligent terminal product markets.

A number of intelligent products are favored by users, which is based on the service-oriented intelligent transformation of Lenovo Group, which continues to win users' reputation by creating a differentiated competitive advantage. This is evident in the "double 11" promotion this year: during the promotion period, Lenovo Group achieved 7 billion of sales of intelligent terminal products such as notebooks, tablets, desktop computers, and intelligent projectors across the network.

Tianxi ecological tamping product power

A number of intelligent terminal products have won the recognition of high NPS value of users, which is a portrayal of the increasingly prominent value of intelligent ecological layout of Lenovo Group. In recent years, Lenovo Group takes the "3s" intelligent transformation as the core, based on the new IT technology framework of "end-edge-cloud-network-intelligence", and creates a full-scene ecological experience of "device + cloud + service" by creating a full-scene ecological experience of "device + cloud + service". At the same time, it brings users a brand-new product and service experience.

Lenovo Tianxi Ecology's consumer-oriented application scenarios and needs, with computers, mobile phones, tablets, projection and other intelligent products, through the creation of an open and shared engine, is committed to providing users with a "smart +" life solution for full-scene experience.

Specifically, Lenovo's Tianxi ecology fits the new IT technology framework. On the end side, computers, mobile phones, monitors and other IoT devices are connected in series to provide underlying product support; on the side, the smart home scene is focused on, and the smart home host "Tianshu" is used to achieve device control, cloud edge collaboration, scene management and data computing and storage, thus providing users with smart home scenes.

On the network side, Lenovo uses super interconnection technology to interconnect devices under different operating systems and environments, so as to achieve seamless collaboration between devices; in the cloud, Lenovo Group's multimode interaction platform and super interconnection platform use scene voice, virtual space, virtual digital image, big data platform, AI brain and so on, so that users can enjoy massive content services in interconnection. The intelligent side builds practical solutions based on specific intelligent scenarios, such as meeting enhancement and distributed file solutions for intelligent office scenarios.

As an ICT technology company with a variety of devices such as PC, mobile phones, tablets, projectors and other intelligent hardware, the formation of Lenovo Tianxi's "smart +" ecology can be described as natural. Behind this is the support and guarantee provided by the technical strength of Lenovo Group.

At present, with AI technology accelerating the transformation of productivity, AI is reshaping the competitiveness of enterprises in an all-round way. IDC said that in the field of smart terminals, hardware iterations represented by AI and big models in the future will become an important factor for consumers to consider when choosing smart terminal products. The importance of product drivers, including innovative configurations such as AI interaction, will increase and become an important driving force for the intelligent terminal consumer market.

After years of precipitation and forward-looking layout, Lenovo Group has a strong technology reserve in AI, such as large model compression technology, artificial intelligence twins (AI Twin) and other AI innovative technologies, which can realize localization, privacy and data security protection in the process of using large models.

The above technologies have also been deeply applied to the innovation of intelligent terminals such as AI PC by Lenovo Group. The AI PC created by Lenovo will be a personal AI assistant tailored for everyone, which can not only help users improve production efficiency and simplify workflow, but also achieve personalized customization according to user preferences, but also achieve personal privacy and data security protection.

It is worth noting that, as an important part of Lenovo Tianxi ecology, PC will realize the in-depth development of AI PC based on Tianxi ecology. A few days ago, Lenovo announced that it will hold the 2023 Lenovo Tianxi Ecological Partnership Conference on December 26, when it will launch the AI Mini Program platform based on Tianxi Ecology, which will promote the development of AI applications and various large models to accelerate the evolution of AI PC.

In fact, in terms of AI-enabled smart terminals, Lenovo Group will not only AI PC,AI smartphones, AI workstations and other AI-oriented smart terminal products will also be Lenovo Group's direction, Lenovo Tianxi ecosystem will also be upgraded to a more AI-oriented new ecosystem.

In the future, with the continuous evolution of a new round of technology represented by AI, users' demand for intelligent and personalized product experience will continue to increase. Lenovo Group will always focus on the needs of users, create highly innovative technology products and service solutions, and create the development potential energy with hard core products.

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