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Xilai executive: the new flagship executive car ET9 will be equipped with full-line control smart chassis, which will be released on December 23

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According to on December 19, Xiao Baihong, head of Lulai Automotive Application Software, posted on Weibo, announcing that the new flagship administrative car, ET9, will be equipped with a fully-controlled smart chassis.

Xiao Baihong said that at the technical level, the all-line control smart chassis is the only real full-line control smart chassis in the world that integrates the three core hardware systems, which can greatly improve vehicle driving comfort, handling and safety-even more than the chassis of the third-generation Panamera.

The "brain" of the full-line control intelligent chassis equipped with Weilai ET9 evolved into a VMC intelligent computing platform, realizing soft-hard decoupling, flexible deployment combined with Tianshu SkyOS support, expanding new functions and new on-line control hardware; connected to AD intelligent driving and down to various actuators, integrated drive system, braking system, steering system, active suspension and other on-line control hardware.

Because VMC is data-driven, the full-line control intelligent chassis has the ability to evolve, iterate and grow. previously reported that Weilai will unveil its new flagship model ET9 at NIO Day on December 23, which will be "the crystallization of future technological innovation".

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