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Epic Mall announced "five-year summary": a total of 395 games have been sent, and the "16-day delivery" mode will be launched soon.

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Shulou( Report--, December 19, Epic Game Mall today released a video entitled "395 Love Letters E-Bao has written to you in the past five years", summing up the five-year history of its platform.

▲ video source "Epic Game Mall" official account Epic claimed that over the past five years, the platform has given away a total of 396 games to players, including "nonsense Kitchen", "mind Killer", "GTA 5", "King of Benevolence", "death stranded", "evil spirit possession" and other masterpieces. After that, Epic will also open a "16-day delivery mode" to bring more free games to players.

▲ video screenshot "Epic Game Mall" official account (same below)

According to 's previous report, Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic, revealed that the number of monthly active users of the Epic game store has exceeded 80 million, and the Epic game store will actively attract more users by giving away games, exclusive games and other ways, so as to "surpass the Steam platform."

In addition, Epic Game Mall is currently holding a "holiday sale", officially announced that players can get unlimited discount coupons to buy games at a better price.

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