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100W data cable: Nubia 65W three-port gallium nitride charger with a new low of 79 yuan

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Nubia 2023 65W gallium nitride GaN 5 charger went on sale on August 10 with an official daily price of 99 yuan and a 100W fast charging line.

Today, 's self-management has dropped to a new low of 79 yuan, and all three support fast charging: Nubia 65W gallium nitride charger three complimentary 100W data line 79 yuan direct link student users can also get another 5 yuan discount coupon ( App search "student member" can be certified), the actual payment is only 74 yuan: click this coupon.

Officials claim that the response speed of this model is 18% higher than that of the previous generation, while energy consumption is reduced by 25%.

Thanks to the fifth generation gallium nitride technology, compared with the ordinary 67W charger, the product is 50% smaller and uses a foldable pin design.

The product adopts 2C1A three-port design, is equipped with self-developed NeoCharger3.0 fast charging technology, intelligently distributes power to meet the fast charging needs of different devices, adapts to PD3.0 / PD2.0 / PPS / QC3.0 / QC2.0SCP / AFC / APPLE2.4 / BC1.2 and other protocols, and supports mobile phones, notebook computers, tablets and wearable devices to charge at the same time.

Red Devil Lab single port charging 30 minutes test, Apple iPhone 14 Pro can charge 60%, Huawei P60 can charge 64%, Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch version can charge 36%.

In terms of safety, the temperature control system of the product is upgraded, the temperature is monitored all the time, and the intelligent temperature control is turned on immediately when an anomaly is found. In addition, the product also upgrades Efficient heat dissipation technology, which is said to have "increased heat dissipation performance by 15 per cent and temperature drop by 10 per cent". Nubia 65W gallium nitride charger three-port gift 100W data line 79 yuan direct link

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