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2024 LG Gram laptops have been launched on South Korea's official website, equipped with Intel Core Ultra processor

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Thanks to netizen kindman for the clue delivery!, December 19 (Xinhua)-- LG has now installed two LG gram 2024 laptops with Intel Core Ultra 5125H processor on its South Korean website and opened for pre-sale. The other versions will be released on CES 2024 on January 9 next year.

The new models are available in 16-inch (16Z90S) and 17-inch (17Z90S) models, weighing 1199g and 1350g respectively, thick 16.8mm and 17.8mm, and priced at 189,000 won ( Note: currently about 10357 yuan) and 1.9million won (currently about 10905 yuan).

The LG Gram 2024 uses an anti-glare IPS screen with WQXGA (2560 x 1600) resolution, covering 99% DCI-P3 gamut, but only 350nit brightness.

In addition, the unit is equipped with 16GB LPDDR5x (7467 MHz) memory and a 512 GB NVMe solid state drive, providing an PCIe 4.0 x 4 expansion slot, certified by the U.S. Department of Defense for endurance testing, all equipped with 77 watt-hour batteries and 65W fast charging support.

In terms of extension, LG Gram 2024 provides two USB 3.2 Gen 2x1 interfaces, two Type-C interfaces (USB 4, Lightning 4, PD, LAN), HDMI ports, 3.5mm headphone holes, security locks and microSD card readers.

In other aspects, the machine is also equipped with dual 2W stereo speakers and dual 5W smart amplifiers, support for Dolby panoramic sound, FHD infrared webcam and dual microphones, support for Windows Hello, full-size backlit keyboard (100 keys, including 4-line digital keypad), Intel AX211 wireless card, support for Wi-Fi 6e and Bluetooth 5.3, pre-installed Windows 11 Home Edition, Gram Link, McAfee and other software.

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